Best Tips For Becoming Ninja Killer on PUBG Game

I can guarantee that through these bellow tips you could becoming ninja killer on PUBG games. You need to try it. If you wanna looks cool by killing your enemy secretly like a ninja in PUBG, so that I will give you some tips and I hope that you can follow it as well as you can guys. For a bit information, “Ninja Killer” terms has been well-known in a game world especially in fight games such as in PUBG mobile. Whereas you need to kill your enemy secretly.

Best 5 tips for becoming Ninja Killer on PUBG games

1. Use the Smokebomb in Critical Condition

The second things except stepping that you have to look out are the usage of smokebomb in a right time. Do not throw the smokebomb in a normal condition, I suggest you to throw it in a right time, right time here means on your critical condition. It’s gonna be a big problem for you if you use the Smokebomb in a normal condition or you just wanna play with it. Please use it in a critical condition such as you are caught by your enemy or you were dying.

2. Pay Attention to the Stepping

The first thing that you have to pay attention with before becoming ninja killer is stepping. You need to keep attention your every step or even your enemy step. Don’t ever try to make any mess with your own step at all. You also have to look out with your enemy step around you. Because actually, the stepping could be the guide where the location of your enemy is. If you do not look out with your step and fight them directly. You’re gonna killed at that times.

3. Looking for the Rarely Found Hideaway Spot

It is so abstinence for the ninja killer to walk all around the map. The neral ninja killer has to looking for the hideaway place that rarely found many people and applying the forage likes to put on the weapon or another thing around it.
By using those forage and if it’s supporting with the rare spot that another player can’t found it help you to kill your enemy easier. If you walk around all the map to look for and kill your enemy. You are not worthy to be ninja killer because that’s not a right way.

4. Keep Away of an Enemy Contact from The Front Side

For becoming ninja killer you need to look out this thing, that is facing, fighting or killing your enemy directly from the front side. It’s gonna be looking cool and feel perfect if you could kill them through another place that they don’t know it and of course secretly. So that, your enemy gonna get confused where is the place that you gonna appear or from where is the shots are coming from. If you kill your enemy directly in front of them, it will not be called as the ninja killer.

5. Using the Silincer

This one is also important to be applied if you want becoming ninja killer. Because the silincer is the only one weapon which can hide you from your enemy when you were shooting them. It’s an obligation weapon that you have to get in every game. By using this silincer, your enemy will not know where is your shot coming from and where is your position exactly. Just because the muffle gunfire are produced by the weapons. So that, the Silincer is very useful for the ninja killer type player.

So, guys! Those are 5 tips for becoming Ninja Killer on PUBG that you have to try because playing the Battle Royale game is not carelessly and just shooting as your will. The great strategy is the key of glory in this game. And you can try read other guide of PUBG game in this blog such as about equipment, chicken dinner or other guide. Thanks for coming to my blog, please share this article and like or follow my fans page.

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