Root Android Using iRoot – Download iRoot Apk

All the Android users must be known and understand about the Android Root. Basically, there are so many app that needs the root access, those are Lucky Patcher, Root Explorer Pro, Greenify, Titanium Backup Pro and the others. And here are the ways how to root Android using iRoot without PC but use the app. The Newest Iroot Apk is the app that I mean. A lot of android user choose this way because of looks easy by doing, without using any PC. For the trial, I’m gonna use Samsung Galaxy S5

. But if you wanna try it to another brand, it’s not a problem. 

It has been proven on the official sites, this app succeed for about rooted 265,311,880 devices. Even you’re the Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, KitKat, Lollipop and also Marshmallow users, you can try this app too. 

How to Root Android Using iRoot – Download iRoot Apk

Lets follow all of steps to root android using iroot and you can download the app here or download in the official website (

  • DOWNLOAD iRoot Apk app.

iRoot 3.4.1

  • Then Install the app on your own Android.

  • Open iRoot app and there is notification for term please select I Agree


  • Running the iRoot app, if there is “No Root Permission” word, it means that the Android hasn’t Root yet.

  • Click the Get Root Access and wait until the process finished.

  • If it has Rooted, the display would be like this.

  • Finished. And now your beloved Android has been succeeding rooted without any risk if you get fail on rooting.

That’s all the tutorial how to root android using iRoot without PC. It’s due if there are several android version didn’t support with root android using iRoot app. Please use other app root to root your android if this app fail to root your android such as KingRoot, FramaRoot, KingoRoot. Thanks for coming to my website and read this article please share this article and subscribe my web to get more great article from this website.


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