iOS 10.3.1 Update is Now Available, What is the advantage?

iOS 10.3.1 update

Apple corporation as the corporation that made the iPhone just release the update iOS 10.3.1 especially for the iPhone 5 users and above. Apple was proved it, that they will always recover the operation system inside as consistent as supported by their facilities. The display “Slide to Unlock” on the screen that has been the characteristic of iPhone. It’s the symbolize that the attending of iOS 10.3.1 update gives many basically change.

Apple tries to make the exchange of operation system from the last to the new one being optimal in order. It can still feel comfort while running it. Even sometimes there would be a bug or some problems that will happen to your device. That’s why always updating to the new version is good for the users. And for the reminder, for updating the iOS 10.3.1 you need to prepare your internet quota, or it is better if you just use the WiFi because the size of update iOS 10.3.1 is big. Updating iOS 10.3.1 will change the operation system, so don’t need to wonder if the process is so long too. If your iPhone slow please also read this how to fix a slow iPhone.

iOS 10.3.1 Update is Now Available

The Advantage of iOS 10.3.1

In the last day, apple was released the iOS 10.3.1 modern file system. But it will same like another new update software. There are still many new update software that hasn’t included on log chance. The file system on iOS 10.3.1 was created for the million iPhone and iPad devices, in order that for making the work of that device getting snappier. Apple make File System (APFS) for the low latency, and give the power of reading and writing increase on iOS devices indeed.

For the first time, the users of iPhone or iPad will not feel the effect directly, but when the some of the application processed the data to the disk, such as when some video were processed, the speeds of iOS 10.3.1 will feels. New version? Of course, the Apple corporation will add the several features for the users. The main advantage of the iOS 10.3.1 is APFS Technology implementation or Apple File System from HFS+ that can help the  device to optimize how big the storage that was running by system and application.

How about installer file size ?

The more application that applied on your iPhone device, so the largest storage that empties for this update. The users of iPhone that having 16 GB capacity will get this advantage. For the users of 5S that having 16 GB capacity get an increase in their storage, start from 3,6 GB being 4,1 GB. Honestly, it really satisfy the users with it.

In another side, you can rent and watch the movie through iTunes to all Apple supported devices. And the update iOS 10.3.1 will give the advantage of for the AirPods users too because the AirPods can be track by using Find My iPhone. And also the other ability and Virtual assistant are also increased in order that the iPhone can do the several adding commands. Actually, the are still many update think, but that is not too significant for some country Apple users.

Should we update to the iOS 10.3.1 ?

Yes! You have to. You have to repair this APFS technology that was implemented as being some reason. Adding the security feature and optimize the work of the iPhone system. In order that it will more comfort while you use it. The users that ever using the old version gonna feel how’s the differential of this advantage of iOS 10.3.1 update. It’s really different with the last version.

How to update to iOS 10.3.1 ?

You can do the repair to the iOS 10.3.1 through over-the-air (OTA) on Menu Settings. If you didn’t like with the iOS 10.3.1 you can turn back to the last version. No confused and don’t be doubt. Thanks for reading my article iOS 10.3.1 Update, and please read my other article here.



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