Skin Mobile Legends Season 16

Do you start to tire with your Mobile Legends hero? Perhaps, the appearance looks boring and need restyle. Get new skin Mobile Legends Season 16 to boost your performance. It turns out this way is effective making other players or heroes feeling envy. Make it as a new way to beat without hard effort. The season 16 skin in Mobile Legends are available in various styles. You can purchase them using your diamonds. Wow, it is amazing and you do not need to think about the budget.

5 New Skin Mobile Legends Season 16 that you can purchase by top-up Diamonds

Obtaining many diamonds is the best advantage that you get from Mobile Legends. You can undertake many things like buying a skin for your heroes. 5 New skin Mobile Legends season 16 is the evidence about one of the advantages of your diamonds. Let’s check them and choose which one you like:

1. New Style of Hayabusa with Sushi Master

Firstly, it offers the new skin for Hayabusa namely Sushi Master. It will give a new style with a more unique sense. The hero that is born from an inspiration of Ninja will be a Sushi seller with a fish sword. His new skin that still takes inspiration from the Japanese warrior will give additional attack effects. The anime-style attack makes your match more fun.

2. Fire Chief- New Awesome Skin for Johnson

Secondly, Fire Chief will make Johnson looking more awesome and on fire. His new skin comes with bright red color and dominates the large part of the skin. Of course, it is so different from the last skin that is dominant with blue.

At this time, Johnson will perform better in his match using the Fire Chief in a firefighter theme. By the way, the skin resembles Jeepney Racer but it keeps different. Johnson’s skin has a different car transformation and terms.

3. Lightborn skin for Tigreal

Lightborn for Tigreal will be the most expensive new skin here but do not insecure first. People like to collect and show it and you need to conduct the same things.

It turns out collecting the Lightborn skin that has a royal warrior’s impression gives new benefits. It gives you a chance to get permanent recall effects and a reward of the border. On the other hand, this New Skin Mobile Legends Season 16 set is available for other heroes. You may collect it for Harith, Alucard, Granger, and Fanny.

4. Mecca Baby for Nana

Next, you can makeover your heroine of Nana using Mecca Baby skin. Nana who is collaborating with Diggie will look prettier and greater wearing this skin. Moreover, Mecca Baby’s skin not only beautifies his appearance. Her robot transformation theme skin also gives additional wing, new skill effects, and animated displays. Her extra wing assists to float on the Land of Down.

5. Gladiator- New Skin for Freya

Lastly, you get a recommendation of the new skin for Freya to make her performance fresher. Gladiator skin includes the elite level where her armor takes the Roman army style.

Prices for Mobile Legends’ Skin in Season 16

Such as you learn above, the season 16 skin in Mobile Legends not only enhances the appearance. However, it gives special effects during they compete in the Land of Dawn. Roughly, how much cost for each skin above? Let’s check them below:

  • Light born skill needs about 1089 diamonds
  • Nana offers a cost of 899 diamonds
  • Sushi Master appears with 749 diamond cost
  • Gladiator skin needs 599 diamonds
  • Fire Chief for Johnson offers 269 diamond

Well, those are 5 new skin Mobile Legends season 16 that you can buy using your mobile legends diamonds. The skin comes for a different hero with special effects. Let’s beautify and increase their performance to get a greater match. Good luck!