Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Review – Newest Version in 2020

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Review

Five months ago, Xiaomi released two smartphones Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Up to now, many people still want to know the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro review. Therefore, this page appears to meet their desire in finding detailed information on the phone. Seemly, many things inside the phone that make them satisfy having Mi 10 Pro in 2020. This page does not only present the pros of the smartphone but also the cons. It is good for making decisions and ensures your heart.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Review on the Common Good and Bad

Xiaomi dares to state that Mi 10 Pro is the new rival of some famous phone gadgets. The performance and specification make it dare to compete with Samsung S20, Huawei P4O Pro, until Oppo Find X2. It implies the company is truly serious in giving the best service (products) to the customers.

Of course, it will be a new advantage in attracting new customers and strengthen credibility. Many things to outline Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro review but this page try to summarize it. You can check it in good and bad commonly:

  • Goods

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro comes with a classy design for a great display. The fine hardware also Supports the design and display of the smartphone. Having a feature of rapid charging is mandatory for smartphones, right now.

Even though it just needs to charge in a short time, you do not need to doubt the battery life. Besides having excellent battery life, it comes with a good camera and great stereo speakers.

  • Bad

Luckily, the bad of Mi 10 Pro does not as plenty as the good. The review of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro today just outlines three points for the cons. Due to its dares to compete with other big names, you should dare to spend more costs. Exactly, you should have about $1,099 (€999, £879). Other cons for Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro are no app drawer and IP rating.

Detailed Xiaomi Mi Pro Review to boost your desire having this Phone

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

From the common Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro review goes to the detailed information. The gadget that also released on February 14, 2020, also becomes the big rival of LG V60. Never feel satisfied only by knowing the common information. You will see more detailed things about Mi 10 Pro to strengthen your reason to buy it. Check it below!

1. Display

The classy look of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro comes from the great display of 90Hz. Of course, it emerges sense as good as it feels. This wonderful phone also shows 1200 nits Peak brightness, Hole-punch camera, 180Hz touch response, and HDR10+.

2. Camera

What you will get from the camera feature here? The camera system applies 108MP that sounds just short of excellent. However, it promises to give the best result in each capture. Meanwhile, the front camera has a 12MP system.

3. Battery

Talk about the battery specs, Mi 10 Pro has 4,500 mAh. You may charge it with 10W Reverse Wireless Charging, 30W Fast Wireless Charging, or 50W Fast Charging. Anything you choose, the battery life can reach nearly two days in standard use.

4. Satisfying speaker sound

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro that has a software version of Android 10 applies Hi-Res Audio certified. Then, the IR blaster ensures the user always amuse.

5. Color

Lastly, it will reveal the colors that complete the outstanding sense of the design and display. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro that has 5G connectivity and up to 512GB UFS 3.0 storage has chic colors. You can choose one of them in Alpine White or Solstice Grey.

Do you still not satisfy with Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro review today? This page is ready to get a positive suggestion or additional information. Convey it politely and build this page together for a better service. Thank you!