Best Tips Free Fire for Beginner – Play Safely to Survive Longer

Free Fire is one of the most popular games in the world. It provides an interesting battle between one player and others around the world. With this game, the players can experience exciting adventures during the game. Then, if you are a new user, to find the best tips Free Fire for beginner is the right way to do. Thus, you can learn everything about this game faster than play directly without any Free Fire tricks.

10 Best Tips Free Fire for Beginner You Must Learn before Playing

After you install the app of this game, it is better for you not to play it directly. You can find the best tips Free Fire for beginner first. So, you will get more understanding of this game. In this matter, it will be easier for you to play this game appropriately. Well, here are the right ways of how to play Free Fire for beginners to do.

1. Open Map

Do you know what you should do at the beginning of the game? Well, in the beginning, your character will be put on the plane. There, you have to open your map and find a good position from that plane. The plane will always go straight so that you can decide the line of it easily.

When the plane is going on, you can decide the location to go by clicking a designed spot of the map. In this matter, it will help you find the direction when you use a parachute. To use the parachute, you have to wait at the end of the plane line to open your parachute. It gives you a chance to survive longer.

2. Jump down Using Parachute

Following the Free Fire pro tips, you should use the joystick to move to the designed location while using a parachute. Make sure that you move the joystick up to make your character jump down straight. Then, if you see the enemy jumping down in your designed location, you should move your direction and land on the other place. Thus, it will not be risky and you can get a safe place to find loot.

3. Take Weapon

When you reach the ground after jumping down using a parachute, you have to find the weapon as fast as possible. After you find any weapon, you can, then, decide which weapon to use or change. The most recommended weapon you can use to attack enemies from a far distance is Assault Rifle. You better know best weapon in free fire before you begin playing the game.

When you need a weapon to fight in a short distance, you can take a Shotgun. Moreover, if you fail to take the weapon and you see the enemy around that location, you should run away. It will be risky and dangerous to keep staying in that place since your enemy can suddenly attack and kill you.

4. Observe the Surrounding

After you get the weapon you want, you can observe your surroundings and find enemies. To do it, you have to move into a bowed body. You should do it since to run will be dangerous for you if the enemy knows your movement.

5. Take a bag

When you learn Free Fire battleground guide, to take a bag is an important matter to do. After having a bag, you can take any type of equipment that you need on the battlefield.

6. Check Your Position

The next way to do is to check your position from the safe zone. When the first safe zone comes, you can focus on finding loot. When you are far from the safe zone, you have 1.45 minutes to prepare anything before the zone becomes smaller. In this condition, you can find more loot in some buildings before going to the near spot of a safe zone.

7. Find a Vehicle

To find a vehicle is the best option to run away when you are trapped in a dangerous zone. It is also good to do when you forget about the safe zone time. With a vehicle, it means that you can go away faster from the dangerous location. If there is an enemy sees you, he will get difficulty to chase you as well.

8. Attack the Enemy

When you see an enemy, there are some things to do and consider before deciding to attack him. You have to know whether the enemy is on the effective distance to shoot using your weapon or not. You also need to think if you can kill the enemy if you shoot. When you have good consideration to do those matters, just shoot the enemy. Make sure you shoot the head and figure him out quickly. to do it, you need more practices with Free Fire headshot tips.

9. Consider the Most Appropriate Weapon

To attack the enemy, you need to use the right weapon to kill him successfully. The weapon you use is based on the distance of the enemy. To use Shotgun will be beneficial for a short distance. When the enemy is not too close and in the effective distance to shoot, you can use Assault Rifle or SMG. In addition, if your enemy is so far, take the Sniper Rifle to shoot him.

10. Run Away While Being Attacked

When you get hit or shot and still alive, to run away is the best choice to survive. Based on the Free Fire battleground tips and tricks, you can fun faster when you hold no weapon. So, make sure there is no weapon on your hand when running away from the enemy that attacks you. Remember, you have to avoid running to the hill when the enemy is attacking you. This condition will slow down your speed. When your movement is getting slow, it will be easier for your enemy to shoot and kill you.

To win the battlefield and get booyah is everybody’s goal while playing this game. If you want to make it happen, you need to find some Garena Free Fire tips and tricks. In this matter, this best tips Free Fire for beginner is hopefully will give you more understanding before starting to play with your character.