How to Play Free Fire on PC With Emulator and Without Emulator

Play Free Fire on PC

Play Free Fire on PC, why not? Everybody knows and plays this video game, right now, because it gives more fun. By playing on a computer screen, you get some benefits such as you to get a larger screen. Indeed, you are likely only able to play in limited areas such as at home or office. However, the big screen gives you high satisfaction and it is healthier for your eyes. It is because of your eyes and the screen on the right safe distance. Meanwhile, play Free Fire Battleground on PC is suitable for busy people.

How to Play Free Fire on PC With Emulator

Before playing Free Fire, you need to download this online game first. However, you need an Emulator to download it such as BlueStacks, NOXPlayer, MEMU, and so on. After your download it freely, you still pass some steps below:

1. After downloading one of the emulators, you are able to download Free Fire Battleground from Google Play Store.

2. Next, you enter using your account.

3. Well, at times to play Free fire offline but you should set your keyboard. Alongside that, pay attention to these essential buttons before starting:

  • WADS button: You need it to adjust the size of the screen and move your character.
  • Crosshair: This button has a yellow color where the location is in the middle area. You will use it to move the screen and eliminate the mouse with right-clicking.
  • Blue Fire Button: Fire button which has blue color is useful to hit or fire away by left-clicking.

How to Play Free Fire on PC Without Emulator

Same as Playing PUBG on PC, actually you can play free fire on PC without emulator now and the way is same that I will share. Before I shared how to play this game with emulator. If we use emulator to play this game, we don’t need high spec of computer but if we play this game we have to have spec of computer more than using emulator.

  • First time you have to download the app, go to tencent site.
  • Then you install the app on your PC or your computer.
  • Follow the instruction step by step

Here are some Reasons to Play this Game

Free Fire is one of the video games in the form of shooter survival that takes place in 10 minutes. The game launched by Garena in January 2018 only needs 50 players including you. You should attack and beat them using a gun to survive on a remote island. Of course, it sounds very challenging and you also need to listen to these reasons:

1. This is the same as the game with Battle Royal

Your defense is stronger when you are able to kill many enemies.

2. Tighter map

Due to you play Free Fire with a few players, you get a tighter map. It eases you to find and beat them.

3. More comfort playing

The little player makes this game only has a mini bug wherein bug is very annoying.

4. Smooth to play

Indeed, Free Fire only appears a standard graphics but you will play it fluently.

5. Fits to busy people

The duration of 10 or until 20 minutes will not take time. So, it is suitable to fill your work time when you take a rest or feel tired.

Before attacking your enemy, secure your vehicle first because it helps you to move everywhere. Precisely, you only rely on one gun to kill them and do not plunge using parachutes in crowded places. Definitely, it same with you are suiciding because they will be easier to kill you. Okay, those are some important things to play Free Fire on PC. Happy playing and win it!