Call Of Duty Mobile Beginner Guide – Recognizing COD In 5 Seconds

Do you just know COD? Well, it is a single shooter game that you can play with many players around the world. Besides, it is one of the important games that is always used for Esport. By joining an e-sport event, you will meet some professional players and get great battle experience. If you want to know it more, you can follow this call of duty mobile beginner guide. Here, you can learn the cod tips, tricks, and also strategy to play it. So, don’t miss it.

Call Of Duty Mobile Beginner Tips To Learn

As the beginner of this game, you need to know the right tips. Thus, you can play it appropriately. Here they are.

1. Setting control

To set control is the first tip of the call of duty mobile beginner tips you should do. Thus, you will be familiar with the control you set for the first time. Besides, this game provides two shooting modes. They are automatic and manual mode. So, you should decide which one you like to use. To make you comfortable while playing this game, you can also set the sensitivity as you desire.

2. Setting loud out of the weapon

The second call of duty mobile beginner tips you should know is to set the weapon

loud out. While playing a multiplayer battle, a loud out setting is important to set correctly. Here, you can set a kind of weapon you will use. Make sure you set the primary and secondary weapon you want. Thus, you will not be confused to take weapon when you need to attack the enemy.

3. Keep moving

When you are in the game or battlefield, you must keep moving, especially in the 5vs5 battle. Why should you do it? The answer is to make the enemy get difficulties to shoot you. Besides, by moving actively, your existence will be difficult to detect by the enemies. Just try to not stand still in a certain spot, especially the spot in which many enemies may stay there.

4. Differentiate several modes

In the 5vs5 battle, there are three sub-modes you need to know. They are Bomb Mission, Team Deathmatch, and Frontline. Those modes have a different goal to achieve. Also, each mode needs a certain and different strategy to use. So, in this call of duty multiplayer beginners guide, you are suggested to know it and keep cooperative with your teammates.

5. Play in many maps

The last, you need to play in many maps. By doing it, you can know some right spots to hide. Also, you will find the best spot to shoot your enemies. When you have mastered many maps that are recommended by call of duty mobile beginner guide, you will easily get a victory.

3 Tricks of COD Mobile Beginner

There are 3 simple tricks that you can try to play call of duty game. Are you curious about them? If it is so, let’s check them out!

1. Always be aware of the surroundings

It should be like that when you land. You can do it by checking your surroundings before landing. Thus, you are allowed to estimate how the first minutes of the match that will play. If you are not alone and other players are also landing in the same area, what can you do? Yea, you can find a weapon as soon as possible. Then, just start to pick up each of the surrounding players slowly one by one.

2. Prevent open areas

This second trick in call of duty mobile beginner guide means that when searching for loot. It is not only will open the spaces that you leave a sitting target. However, it is also the opportunity of finding a decent loot. Commonly, the loot is often found around the areas with building numbers. Therefore, to have a chance to win, don’t forget to make sure that you are not landing with other people. Besides, please always have a building that is used to gather the loot.

3. Head towards

What can you do in this trick of call of duty mobile beginner guide? Here, you have to know well the giant blue beam of the light in the sky. It is like marking the location of a mystery box. Actually, finding the mystery box is difficult enough. It will be guarded by some zombies that will not be defeated easily.

3 Great Strategies of Call of Duty Mobile Beginner

On the other hand, there are also 3 strategies that are great to do. Please follow this information carefully!

1. Customize the controls

The first strategy in call of duty mobile beginner guide is customizing your controls. This game needs having the virtual keys, seeing the entire screen, and the thumbs blocking certain positions. So, this game will offer the option of customization to find the best appropriate layout and setup. Then, on the main screen, you should tap on the icon of gear which is at the top side of the screen. It is usually used to proceed to the settings page directly.

2. Engage in practice matches

After determining the best control configurations, you are suggested to level up the requirements to dominate this game. Even though when you are playing in practice matches only gets 10% of the experience points, you can get from other game modes. So, the learning with each run is more significant for the beginners.

3. Spend Weapon XP Cards Wisely

Weapon XP card is useful to level up the weapon. In this matter, you can spend it wisely to level up your favorite weapons. When the weapon has a higher level, it will get more attachment. So, just focus on the top pick a make its level goes as high as possible. When you focus on your favorite weapon, it will help you to make it great. As a result, it will be a formidable weapon to beat any enemies you find.

Well, that is all about the call of duty mobile beginner guide you can follow. After getting sufficient understanding, don’t forget to practice more to increase your skill and gameplay.