12 Best Weapons in Free Fire Game – Beat out PUBG Games

Best Weapons in Free Fire

Garena who manages the Free Fire games, this game has been downloaded more than 100 million in Google Play Store. This game can beat out its rival, those are the Rules of Survival games and the PUBG Mobile game. It was seen from the number of downloaders because actually this game has its own unique side. It is located on the superiority of the weapon in this game, because it has more hurt weapon, than the weapon in PUBG games. Let’s know more about the best weapons in Free Fire game.

12 Best Weapons in Free Fire Game

This game has a various and deaden weapon, and here are the best weapons in Free Fire Game.


Best Weapons in Free Fire

The first weapon that better If you have this weapon when playing Free Fire game is GATLING. This gun is Machine gun type. This gun with super high shoot speed and great damage. The movement of this gun is going to be limited when using this gun.

2. CG15

Best Weapons in Free Fire

The next position goes to the CG15 with a great damage. This weapon has a number of ammunition for 20 pcs bullet and make it as a proper weapon to be used on a near and medium competition.


Best Weapons in Free Fire

Dragunov is the next in list of best weapon in Free Fire games. This is the king of Assault Rifle or AR weapon that has a biggest damage than the other AR. Even it has a small amunition, that provide 10 bullet in a reload, but once it attacks your enemy, it will terribly hurt them. This weapon also completed with the Scope X4 in default that properly for the competition in far direction.


4. MGL140

The third one is the MGL140. This weapon is a best grenade that you can use to fight to face a group of enemy. The damage that produced from it is the area and so hurt, unfortunately, the kind of its ammunition must be filled with a certain bullet. This weapon has a reload speed that a bit high, so you can throw your enemy with a grenade when you use this weapon.

5. SPAS12

Go to the next list, that is the SPAS 12 is a deaden shotgun and produce a big damage in a near area. This weapon has an automatic shot that really fits with the fight for a close direction. You will also get the rate of fire which enough good for some Shotgun.

6. VSS

Beside SKS, there is also another deaden weapon, which is the VSS. This weapon has silencer default that makes it looks different from the other. This weapon is proper to impromptu attack. It has a fast shoot speed, but the weakness one here is it doesn’t produce so big damage.

7. SKS

The next weapon is proper for the Sniper lovers. The SKS weapon becomes the favorite one in Free Fire games because this weapon gives a huge damage and its recoil is not disturb. If one shoot can directly attack the head, you can imagine your enemy who are attacked by this weapon will directly die. But there is also the weakness of this weapon, which is a low rate of fire or low shooting speed.


Besides the weapon above, there is still a weapon that has pretty big damage, that is the FAMAS. This weapon can be used from every direction whether it close or far, the closer you shoot, the bigger damage that will produce.


The nineth places of best weapon in free fire goes to the SCAR, this weapon becomes the most favorite in Free Fire games because it has a big damage and quite fast shooting. Beside that, the recoil of this weapon is not too big. No wonder that the SCAR is sometimes used by the player to fight in every direction, near or far is not a big problem for this weapon.


The last weapon goes to Groza. This weapon has a quite big damage from the AK47 and SCAR that make it worried. Nut the recoil of its weapon was so big and it will make you a bit hard to control it. If you shoot it continuously, the bullet will shoot to an irregular direction.

11. AWM

The next weapon of best weapons in free fire game is AWM. This is the most scaried weapon for the Free Fire or even PUBG players. The damage that produced of this weapon was so huge, you just need to shoot for 2 or 3 times , it is enough to paralyze your enemy. If it attacked on the head, your enemy will paralyze at the same time even they wear a strong helmet. But you are not suggested to attack on a near direction by using this weapon.


The last weapon goes to Crossbow. This weapon has high damage but the magazine only 1. Crossbow is going to make your enemies bleed and this weapon is going to take high damage. The Crossbow is a silent killer that easily pierces your enemy armors and your enemy helmets.

So guys, those are 12 best weapons in Free Fire game that you need to know or even you want to use it on your own competition. Hopefully, those several pieces of information will give you a chance to know more. Good luck and have a nice trying!