Esport Games for SEA Games in Philippines – The Best Games

Hi, sports lovers! Are you waiting for the SEA Games in Philippines? If so, you must be happy since it is coming soon. There are some kinds of sports to hold, include Esport. Now, Esport becomes the favorite match to watch as the games are booming in some countries. So, esport games for SEA games in Philippines can be the event to see your lovely team take part in the game. If you are a professional player of esport, this is the right time for you to show your skill in the game. Below are the SEA games esports list.

Kinds of Esport Games for SEA Games in Philippines

There are six kinds of esport games for SEA games in Philippines to hold for some countries. What are they? Just follow the explanation below to know the answer.

1. Arena of Valor

This is a popular game that is played online. With this game, 2 teams can play to win the battle. Each team consists of 5 players and each player can pick their own hero in the given time. With the hero they choose, they can buy weapons, collect kills, and experience in the process of the game.

After they play this game, the player has a chance to collect stars. This action is done to rank up their account in the ranked games. Besides, they also can collect skins to buff up their heroes. So, the match for this game will be interesting to watch.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

It is one of the most favorite esports games for SEA games in Philippines to see. As we know, this game becomes the hottest MoBa apps to date right now. That is why this game is chosen as one of the esports to hold. This game lets you choose a hero to fight in a team. One team consists of 5 players. In the game, every player can kill and destroy turrets. One team that can destroy the enemy’s base turret first, they will win the match.

This game is so interesting with many kinds of heroes they can choose. Besides, there are some available skins for certain heroes to use. The skins will give a distinctive appearance and effect to the hero. So, this condition will beautify the match in the SEA Games.

Besides, this game is easy to play through a mobile. However, to win the game, all players need the right strategy and proper heroes. Without those matters, every team will get difficulties to dominate the games and becomes the winner at the end.

3. Tekken 7

Concerning the esport games for SEA games in Philippines, Tekken 7 is a kind of game that will be played there. This game focuses on hand-to-hand combat. It is a fighting game. Although it is an esport game, it will certainly make the players get sweat all the time. It can happen since it needs extra power and accuracy to play the character. So, it will be interesting to follow.

It is not a difficult game to play. The players can play this game on consoles or computer units. Out of the tournament, the player can play in a single-player and multiplayer online. In the esport games for SEA games in Philippines, there will be a multi-player battle by some players from a different country.

4. Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Starcraft II is a military science fiction game. With this game, the players should pick three playable races. They are the Protoss, the Zergs, and the Terrans. All players who compete in this game should assert the dominance at the end of the game.

This game is a kind of Esport to play with PC. Every player who plays this game has a goal to destroy the structures of the opponents. To determine the winner, it can be seen from the opponents’ structures that are totally destroyed. Or, when one side of the player decides to surrender can be the way to determine the winner. Those who surrender will lose and the winner will be automatically given to the opponent.

5. DoTa 2

This game is suitable for the esport games for SEA games in Philippines. It can be so since this MoBa video game is played with 2 teams. Every team consists of 5 players. Thus, this game will present an interesting battle between the two teams. And, one of them should do their best to be the winner.

This game for esport games for SEA games in Philippines is played using a PC. The goal of this game is to defend the team’s bases. Thus, all players of the team should always see the map when they try to destroy the bases of the opponent.

6. Hearthstone

This game becomes of the chosen game to play in the SEA games. It is a multiplayer game. With it, the players will compete with other players. The game is done by a one-on-one card battle. So, it can present an interesting battle between one player with another player.

Like other games, it is also has a challenging goal. For this game, the player should inflict damage and also kill the enemy. With one-on-one card battle, it will test the player’s ability individually. Those who have the better skill, chance, and strategy can win the game. That’s so simple.

Well, that is all about the kinds of Esport games for SEA games in Philippines. All of those games will show wonderful action from some professional players from different countries. As an athlete of Esport, prepare everything well to join the event.