Best Apple Watch Games

Hello game lovers! Have you ever heard about the best Apple Watch games? The Apple Watch does not look suited to gaming. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because it has a small screen and just needs a method of one-handed control. Moreover, in this following information, you will find the list of the best Apple Watch games 2019. Let’s check them out in detail!

7 Top of Best Apple Watch Games

In this Apple Watch game, you will find that there are so many kinds that you can play. However, in this following information, it will be shared 7 kinds that are usually played. What are they? Here are available for you.

1. Trivia Crack

Best Apple Watch Games

It is one of the games that shows a great time for the Apple Watch. It may happen if you have spare time for a few minutes and want to test your knowledge in general. You can do it easily, just open the application on your watch. In it, you will get hundreds of trivia questions. Because there are so many questions, you are allowed to choose by spinning a wheel. Then, the categories of the questions are about entertainment, geography, game, also science and art. On the other hand, you may set up the trivia questions by using the iPhone app. So, it will make the game more personal.

2. Runeblade

Best Apple Watch Games

The second kind of best game for Apple Watch apps is called Runeblade. It is a kind of tailored game for this watch. It is designed for the gameplay of glance-based and works using the notifications of push that is completed with the custom actions. Then, this kind of game provides enchanted runes, magical artifacts, mythological monsters and bosses, spells, and others. All of them should be interesting and pleasant for an RPG fan.

3. Lifeline

Best Apple Watch Games

What about this kind of best Apple Watch games? Greatly, the Lifeline provides you an attractive and amazing take that is completed with regards to the gaming. Then, it uses the push notifications that will bring you through a story. In this case, the players will speak to the astronaut named Taylor. He is well known as a member of a crew that crash-landed on the moon. On the other hand, there is also another feature of Lifeline that is so attractive.

4. Nuggetz

Do you have an opinion about this kind of best Apple Watch game apps? Yea, it is one of the games in Apple Watch that is based on fun reaction. Besides, it is also based on the effect of Stroop. Well, do you understand the rules of this game? It is so simple to do by everyone. In this case, you only give a name to the color of the word that has been written. So, it does not mean the word itself. Even though it looks so simple, but it can be your challenge. If you wrong to answer it, thus, the game will be over. Furthermore, you don’t need to connect this game to your iPhone. To play this game, you also do not need to have an internet connection.

5. Twisty Color

The next game is called Twisty Color. This kind of Apple Watch game uses the digital crown that is usually used to control. Do you know the reason why it uses the digital crown idea? It is because there is an input for the touchscreen on the Apple Watch. Is it great, isn’t it? Do you know the rule of it? Don’t worry! You can play it easy and simple. In this case, you will see the colored bullets that head towards the Twister. Just find on the middle screen. Then, you should rotate the Twister to match the color of the bullets.

6. Snappy Word

You have to know that this kind of best Apple Watch game is like the word puzzle. It is broken down into the parts of the subatomic component. In this game, you must understand the rules. If you get four letters, you should tap them to make words. It means that you have to make many words as possible you can. You should do it just in 30 seconds. On the other hand, you can also take your phone and play this game in the same way. Besides, you can play it until you make a mistake. It is of course with having no time limit.

7. Letter Zap

This last kind of best Apple Watch games will provide you who like word games so much. In this game, you may try to make a word out of the given letters. Then, just use all the letters to make as many words in the given time. Besides, you can also try Zen Mode that allows you to form unlimited words with no time limit too. So, this Letter Zap will access to the Health data on your iPhone. Therefore, if you get a higher heart rate, you will have more time to make words.

Well, those are about the kinds of best Apple Watch games that you can know. Just follow the information above to get a better understanding.