Founders that Were Fired from Their Own Company

Someone must be happy to start their company. They will think that they will own the company forever and be respected by all people in the company. However, in certain conditions, there are some founders that were fired from their own company. It happens due to some reasons. So, if you have a question “can a chairman be fired?”, the answer is yes. It absolutely happens to several well-known people. Have a good look at the explanation below to know who they are and why it happens to them.

7 Founders that Were Fired from Their Own Company You Need to Know

If you want to know some founders that were fired from their own company, here are 7 people who got this offensive act. Let’s check them out.

1. Mike Lazaridis

Who doesn’t know Blackberry? People mostly know it since it is the most popular phone in the world before Android. Many people use this phone to fulfill their needs. Do you know the founder? Yes, he is Mike Lazaridis. Unfortunately, he was fired from the company because the company has struggled when he leads it. He left the company when the Blacberry 10 was released.

2. Rob Kalin

Etsy is an e-commerce website that was founded by Rob Kalin. However, he left it due to much speculation about his ability to scale Etsy. That is why he decides to left the company that he builds from the beginning.

3. Andrew Mason

He is the great founder that memorably left a company. He builds the company as a great CEO resignation letter. Ând he decides to leave the company after the stock price of the company fell to the lower grade. He was fired at that time.

4. Aubrey McClendon

This person is the founder of Chesapeake Energy. He found it in 1982. With his achievement in his company, he was categorized as one of the most successful people to lead the company. In his leading process, there was a revolt from the shareholders that made McClendon step down as the CEO of the company.

5. Jerry Yang

As the Yahoo user, you must know Jerry Yang. Yes, he is the founder of Yahoo, Inc. You should thank him since you can enjoy the service of Yahoo due to his distinction. With his great discovery, he is so unlucky because he becomes one of the founders that were fired from their own company. With the presence and dominance of Google, the company that was led by Jerry Yang gets turbulence. As a result, the company makes some changes in leadership. Thus condition makes him step down as a CEO.

6. Steve Jobs

When you know Apple, you can be familiar with Steve Jobs. He is the person that contributes so much to make the company successful. However, do you know that he has ever been forced out of the company? The answer is “ye, he has”. He has ever been fired from the company he founded. Although he was out of Apple, you, as the Apple users, should thank him for being the first person that establishes the company.

7. David Neeleman

This person is the founder and former CEO of the airlane company, Jet Blue. He is the best person that has a spirit to establish and develop the company. However, he experienced become one of the founders that were fired from their own company. When the company starts to go unstable and has much revenue, he was pushed out from his position as the leader.

Three Significant Reasons for Founders that Were Fired from Their Own Company

There are three significant reasons that can make the founders of certain companies get fired. If you are a founder and lead your company now, you must be careful of the following matters.

1. Being useless

Although you are the founder of a certain company, you should always earn your standing in it. Keep fighting to always be useful in the company and show your role in it. When you start being useless, you can be forced out of it.

2. Getting difficulties to adapt to the new culture

The culture of the company can change from time to time. With the existence of newcomers, the situation of the room will not have the same atmosphere as some years before. When the leader of the company cannot adapt to it, he will possibly step out soon due to an uncomfortable atmosphere.

3. Turning over majority control

This matter can send the leader out of the company easily. When it is done, the investors may lose faith in their ability to make a better value. This condition can force any leader to step down from his position.

Well, that is all about the list of founders that were fired from their own company. Hopefully, it can give a positive lesson to you in your life.