Photo to Cartoon Apps – 12 Best Cartoon Photo Apps 2019

Having a smartphone must be very helpful for those who love capturing pictures but do not have a camera. That is because a mobile phone offers a camera feature. You might even edit your photograph with some applications, too. Photo to cartoon apps is becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is effective to create a cartoon from your selected pictures. There are many best photos of cartoon apps 2019 which you have to know. What are they? Let’s check it out for further info below!

12 Top Favorite Photos to Cartoon Apps

There is some carrier phone which supports editing your picture to be like a cartoon. However, some do not. You, then, could make use photo to cartoon apps to get its features. Let’s check the best cartoon apps for a smartphone below!

1. Cartoon Face Animation Creator iPhone

Talking about the photo to cartoon apps for the iPhone, this first app might be the best one. It is free to get and download on your apple store. Then, you might use your picture to create a cartoon. Crop your picture; use the cartoon affects you like. Then, your cartoon picture is ready. Very easy, right? And it truly works. There are several cartoon filters you can use. However, to load it, you must be online.

2. MomentCam

Whether your phone is android or iOS, you could use MomentCam. This app might turn your picture into a funny caricature with several different emoticons exist. You do not need to do much effort to get your cartoon pic. Also, MomentCam works fast and allow social media ready to share your result with family and friends.

3. Cartoon Photo Filters

It is the kind of photo to cartoon apps suit well for both android and iPhone users. It might even become one of the best apps available on Google Play and Apple Store. Import your picture; select the filters and shapes which you like. Convert your photograph into a cartoon just by a single tap. Well, same as the others, you need to turn on your phone data to use this app.

4. Artista Cartoon and Sketch Cam

Even though it includes the ads with, people still love and might deal with it. This fourth application is nice to try out. It offers you some features such as picture effects, filters, emoticon, sticker, etc. This app is easy to learn and use. Even, it ranked number two as the best cartoon apps for iOS.

5. Moments Cartoon Caricature

Are you looking for a free photo to cartoon apps for android? Then, choose this Moments Caricature. Turn your entire picture into a fun cartoon. This effective app works well. it even has received 5 stars from its users. Add some text feature to get the best result.

6. Clip2comic iPhone

This application might be the best photo to cartoon apps for android. That is because it could turn your pictures or photographs to be like an anime, a Japanese cartoon style. However, only an iPhone user can use this. Clip2comic is easy to use. You just need to import your picture or take a selfie directly with your camera and apply effects you like. You might even create a video using this app. Share your result with your beloved person.

7. Sketch Me Android / iPhone

Sketch me is one of the photo editor cartoon app downloads which allows you to create a cartoon sketch in a few seconds. It is one of the best apps for drawing cartoon directly ever. It is easy to use. You just need to take a selfie or import your picture. Then, select the Sketch Me icon. That is all you need to do. Easy, right?

8. Pixlr

Pixlr is available online on its web. You, then, do not need to download this app if you want. This photo editor might transform your normal and usual picture to be a cartoon with the help of effects and filters features available on this app.


Using this app, you might spend much time, not because it is hard to use but you enjoy editing it so much. Therefore, you do not realize you have spent much time on it. This app is from Japan. You could find many different artists there. Choose the one you like. Then, you could create your cartoon. This app is like an avatar creator. You do not use your picture but you create it yourself.

10. Deep Art Effects

To get a sketch or cartoon artificial effect, you might use Deep Art. This app is pretty exclusive but easy to use. You could transform your photograph into a famous beautiful art painting with styles and effects’ features exist. This app also allows you to share it with your social media accounts.

11. Camart

Camart is a popular cartoon app for Instagram and Facebook. This app is developed by Pixelab for android user. It features many cartoon effects and filters. It is free but to enjoy complete features, you could go for its premium.

12. CoMix

Are you going to create your picture to be a cartoon on a comic series? Then, why don’t you use CoMix? It helps you to do it. You could create your comic by importing your picture, turning it to cartoon with a suitable effect and adding bubbles. The bubbles are for the text you are going to write.

Finally, from that photo to cartoon apps above, Clip2comic iPhone might be the best one for the iPhone user. For the Android user, Camart might be the best solution. Well, it is up to you to choose one as well as it pleases you.