How to Hide Apps on iPhone and Make Them Invisible

Hide Apps on iPhone

When it comes to the iPhone, every person in the world must have known about it. It is kind of number-one iOS which offers the user the comfy, upgraded, and upgraded device. Talking about iPhone’s applications, you might hide them if you want to. Then, how to hide apps on iPhone? Anyway, before discussing it, please remember that this will include all the iPhone products. Therefore, how to hide apps in the iPhone will be pretty similar to how to hide apps on iPad or iPod Touch. Ok, let’s check how to do it below!

How to Hide Apps on IPhone Easily

Many people look for about the way for hiding the apps in the iPhone. It is easy to do it. You can hide all iPhone apps on any kind of iPhone model including iPhone 8, iOS 12, iPhone 7, iPhone XR, etc. Well, how do you hide apps on iPhone? Let you follow these steps in this following detail!

1. How to hide apps on iPhone by using apps folder

If you want to hide apps in a folder, you must create a new folder first. You might also choose one folder which you don’t want to hide like utility for instance. Then, press and drag the app icon you want to hide to the utility folder. You can add up to 9 apps to the utility folder. Drag the app icon to the right to create a new page on the folder. Usually, apps from the first page will be visible, then, you need to place the apps you want to hide on the second page of the folder.

2. How to hide apps on iPhone from the iPhone search

Even though you might have hidden some apps, it may still appear on iPhone search. That is why you need to hide them from the iPhone search as well. The first thing you have to do is go to the setting, choose Siri & Search. Scroll the screen down and choose the application you want to hide. Swipe left all Siri toggle including toggle off Siri & Suggestions and toggle off Show App. Repeat these steps for other apps you want to hide.

3. How to hide apps on iPhone from your apple store purchase history

First, open the Apple store. Then, click on the profile icon exists. Or tap your photo located in the upper right corner of Apple account. After that, choose purchase. Look for the apps you want to hide from your purchase history. Swipe left all toggles. Then, click done exists in the upper right corner. Do not worry about canceling any app subscription because this way is just to hide the apps. You might still be able to see your hidden subscription from the hidden purchases.

4. How to hide apps on iPhone from the factory icon

Even though it is a factory icon or pre-installed apps, you could still hide it if you want to. You first need to go to the Home Screen. Then, decide the apps you want to hide. Tap and hold its app icon until the apps wiggle. After that, tap the X sign of the chosen apps. If you find there is no X sign to some certain apps, it means they cannot be deleted but still you could hide it. Have you tapped X sign? Then, click Done.

The Advantages of Hiding Apps on Your iPhone

There are many advantages of applying hiding apps on iPhone. They are:

1. Keep the application to personal use. Sometimes, you might find your friend wants to know everything. Therefore, if you do not tell her something, she could find it herself by checking your phone. She may read messages, reply to someone’s text, etc. This may be dangerous if she misuses your phone.

2. Save your data. IPhone is a smart-phone which could save your data presentation. To protect the data from being stolen, you might hide it. Again, there will be no one even your family yourself can snoop through the application on your device.

3. Protect your photos. On a gallery, people may see all your pictures. However, if you dislike it, you might hide the gallery icon and hide it in any place you want.

How to Unhide Apps on iPhone

If you think your phone is safe, you do not need to hide it anymore. Then, how to unhide apps on iPhone? Let’s take a look about it below!

1. Go to your Apple store. Let you go to the Apple store where you always download free or paid applications.

2. Tap your name which is available at the bottom-left sidebar. After that, select View Information. It is located on the upper-right side. If it is prompted, you must sign in first. Use your Apple ID to enter your Apple store.

3. Tap Hidden Items, and then scroll down the application you want to unhide. Then, let you tap Manage.

4. Click “unhide” within the apps. Then, click done. Well, you finish unhiding the apps. That’s easy, right?

Things You Should Know About hiding iPhone Apps

There are some facts you have to know about hide and unhide apps on your iOS or iPhone. What are they?

1. Permanently delete the apps. When you want to hide the apps, it will not delete it. Please, notice that you just hide it in somewhere else in which you might someday unhide it.

2. Unsubscribe the apps. If you use subscribe apps such as Smule, for instance. Once you hide Smule on your iPhone, it will not cancel or unsubscribe the Apps. Therefore, you do not need to worry to lose your subscribing apps!

3. Unhiding the apps. The hidden apps could be unhidden by you. You just need to follow the steps that have been mention before. And, voila! You can unhide your iPhone apps before.

Now, you know the way on how to hide Apps on iPhone. Actually, hiding and unhiding Apple application must offer its benefits. However, it is wise to hide the apps if you need. If you find your close friends or family do keep your privacy, you do not need to hide the apps on your phone.