Photo Viewer Windows 10 – Kinds of Best Photo Viewers

As modern people, you just need to use a personal computer to do your works. Anyway, a computer must need some programs to support its performance. Windows has been a program which helps us a lot. There are many kinds of Windows. They are MS Word, Excel, Photo Viewer, etc. This time, we are going to discuss Photo Viewer Windows 10. This application is useful to preview photos on our PC. The app file location Windows 10 is located on Default apps on the PC System. Despite Windows Photo Viewers, there are other best Photo Viewers. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

8 Kinds of Best Photo Viewer Windows 10

There is some best Photo Viewer Windows 10 which people like most. What are they? Let’s talk about it in this following detail!

1. Windows Photo Viewer

Windows Photo Viewer may become the number-one best Photo Viewer ever. However, if your PC uses Windows 10, it may be replaced with other universal Photo Viewer. However, it still exists, hidden on your PC so you need to restore Windows Photo Viewer. If you want to use it again, you need to download its full file on the internet. Then, install it. Activate Windows Photo Viewer and make it as your default application. Thus, if you want to deactivate it, just click Deactivate Windows Photo Viewer icon. Windows Photo Viewer could view varied photos’ format including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, etc. Yet, Windows Photo Viewer cannot preview GIF format. That becomes the minus point of this Photo Viewer.

2. IrfanView

Irfan Sklijan is the person who creates this Photo Viewer. That is why this Photo Viewer uses his name which allows Microsoft Photo Viewer free download Windows 10. Even though, this app is free to download and use, since it is for a non-commercial license. what makes it great is that it is light, only 2 MB. Therefore, it will not full your PC’s Hard disk space. Also, this Photo Viewer may preview varied formats. It includes Flash, PPM, PBM, ECW, PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIFT, OGG, BMP, RAW, EMF, PCX, ICO, etc. This Photo Viewer is almost perfect if it is not difficult to scroll the picture.

3. HoneyView

If you think of having the fast loading Photo Viewer Windows 10, let you choose HoneyView. Indeed, it does not support inbuilt editing tools. However, it does allow you to rotate or even resize the image without decreasing its quality. It is easy to use and support picture formats of JPG, GIFT, PNG, PSD, and BMP.

4. XnView

Different from HoneyView, XnView supports 500 image formats including GIFT, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc. This kind of Photo Viewer support organizer, editor, and multiple languages. That is why even though you are Indonesian, you can still use this Photo Viewer using your language. Moreover, since it supports editing tools, you could easily crop, resize, apply some image effects, etc. Yet, XnView is free only for personal use, not for public use.

5. FastStone Image Viewer

Same as the third choice, FastStone also supports multiple languages and interesting effects. It even supports the preview video images without you need to open it first. FastStone Photo Viewer supports files of BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PCX, ICO, WMF, and others. The plus point from this Photo Viewer is that it support file converting and renaming. However, it works slower that may make you frustrated to find Windows Photo Viewer not working.

6. Nomacs

As well as you do not update this Photo Viewer Windows 10, Nomacs will be very nice to use. The app works faster and it is FREE. It enables you to view many image formats such as PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIFT, BMP, RAW, etc. It also supports camera raw formats. Nomacs offers you a mosaic effect editing tool. You, therefore, may edit your photos in mosaic style with adjusted brightness, saturation, gamma, hue, and contrast. It has been said that the recent update may be disappointing. Therefore, it is best not to update it. If you have not had any experience with this Photo Viewer, it is recommended to download the old version.

7. ACDSee Ultimate

This Photo Viewer is for the Rock Band AC/DC fans at first. Yet, all public people may also enjoy this software. As for your information, it offers deluxe features. It allows you to view the image inside the zip file without you need to extract it first. Also, it requires a thumbnail view, resizes and crop, and lossless rotation. However, it is a paid software. You may use its 30 days free trial but after that, you need to pay for USD 109.

8. QuickLook

This Photo Viewer is for Windows QuickLook and Mac. If your PC is not Mac, you may not be able to use it. This Photo Viewer does not only support Images viewing but also videos and text files. It is fast and responsive as well. However, once again, it is only for Mac.

Restoring Windows Photo Viewer

Many people love Windows Photo Viewer and still want to use it even on their Windows 10. You could activate Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10 registry h4ck. Yet, it is suggested not to do. Besides, you can reinstall or restoring it. How to restore Windows Photo Viewer? Let’s do some quick steps below!

  • Right-click the image you want to preview on your Windows 10. Then, choose Open With > open with another app.
  • Tap “More apps” if there is no Windows Photo Viewer found there.
  • Scroll down to know all the listed programs. If you see Windows Photo Viewer, you just need to click it. And voila! You can use it as your default Photo Viewer on your PC.

However, if you do not see Photo Viewer on the listed programs, you need to download the file and install it first.

You can download one of those eight best Photo Viewer windows 10 based on what you love. However, to download the file, you must select the trusted website for the free virus.