10 Best Video Call Apps 2019 Make the Distance Unmeaningful Again

You live in a digital era where vc or video call apps make the distance is not important again. Although you live on a different day, you keep being able to communicate easily as though, your partner is only beside you. In 2019, there are many kinds of apps that claim as the best one to communicate. However, each app has different features so many people use it together. Today, on this page we want to discuss the best video call apps 2019. Enjoy it!

Advantages of Call Video Apps for Daily Communication

How many kinds of apps do you want to know or use to video call? Are video call apps enough or not? You only need one app but some people like to install more than one. The reason is quite surprising where they do not want to outdated on technology. Remembering on the function of the apps, there are some advantages to using video call for daily life. Exactly, there are 4 benefits from doing video call:

  • Knowing someone’s condition

By doing the video call, you can see your partner condition directly. You can know when she/ he is sad, happy, healthy, and so on. Thus, you can ask for the reason they feel it or you can feel relief with their good condition.

  • Show what is happening

Alongside knowing the condition, you can see what is happening there. Who knows you are communicating amid of fire, party, accident, and others.

  • Prevent to lie

Doing video call means you can see your partner’s mimic and gesture. So, you know that what they convey are true or not.

  • Take off miss

By the way, video call apps for Android are very suitable for a long-distance relationship. They can take off miss anytime by seeing the face of each other. So, they do not need to be sad because they cannot meet every day like a normal couple.

Okay, those are a few benefits video call apps for communication. You will know it more when using directly. At this time, a lot of people use the apps to ease their business activities

3 Disadvantages of VC apps that must you know

It turns out this communicating feature does not only give many advantages. However, you should as well as know and aware disadvantages of video call apps. At least, this page notes 3 disadvantages to remember:

1. Still causes a severe audio latency

It is common when someone uses one of video call apps, it still receives a severe audio latency.

2. The system is still costly

If you use this service to support your business, you must have a high-quality system. The video conferencing system in excellent quality is quite expensive.

3. Need a strict internet connection

It does not matter if you use a WiFi because you will get a good internet connection. Even though, it is a big problem when you use a mobile phone signal. It will suddenly reconnect, pause, even turn off automatically.

Gathering the Best Video Call Apps 2019 between Android and iOS 2019

Well, you have known the advantages and disadvantages of video call apps. It must make you more spirit to look for the best apps without carelessly. Okay, it is time to watch the 10 of kinds of apps to make a video call:

1. Just Talk

Firstly, there is Just Talk as a communication app that is free to make high-quality voice and video. Just Talk works when the user has enabled EDGE, 3G or 4G data connection on their mobile devices.

2. YeeCall

If you want to look beautiful or handsome instantly, use this beautify video feature. YeeCall works with removing blemishes from the face of the skin to look younger during a video call. You can use to record and send audio as well as video messages. This free application gives you 100+ free stickers and send a text message. However, YeeCall uses mobile or WiFi data.

3. Tango

The next best free video call apps are Tango that provides real-time filters, masks, and special effects. It turns out the application still gives the feature in-call games.

4. IMO

IMO is an instant messaging app where most people prefer to use it for video calling. This video calling application has an ordinary interface that does not boast flashy animations or effects.

5. Google Duo

Google Duo comes as one of the popular video call apps 2019. It needs permission to access the contact list before making calls with GD. The permission process also eases to access the camera and record audio with the phone’s microphone. By the way, you need to verify your phone numbers then it works in two modes, video and audio.

6. Skype

Skype is not a new application again and it has been existing in PC previously. The users have to register an account with their email address or phone number. Next, the app will send a 6 digit passcode to your phone or inbox. Verify the passcode to use this application.
Meanwhile, Skype Lite also runs in the background and uses the Android push notification system. So, you know if there are incoming calls.

7. WhatsApp

By the way, WhatsApp is an app that exists before smartphone coming. It implies the existence of the application has been so long. However, the feature of video call apps using WhatsApp does not as good as now.
WhatsApp (WA) leads the race of video calling apps and now it has over a billion active users. It is because you can use it easily and free where most internet users use WhatsApp for texting or video calling.

8. Hangout

Hangout is the creation of Google which has a lot of users throughout the world. This application which has been used for a long time is very good for video calling purpose.
Hangout let you connect to 9 people at once and can automatically include people up to 150 people. Alongside that, it gives you a chance to sync all your chats throughout various devices.


OOVOO is the best video call apps for Android and iOS which becomes popular quickly. The creators add video calling facility in the app. The new application of OOVOO has a cutting edge technology which gives it an edge over others. It allows linking the videos together to complete your community. Sharing stories with your friends across the world also check out their stories updated regularly.

10. Facebook Messenger

Lastly, there is an addition namely Facebook Messenger from Facebook. This Android and iOS application make you not only talk to people on texts but also video calls. Facebook Messenger can sync your contact to the video calling app and make a direct call. It provides cross-platform calls, stickers, and emojis. You can use it while chatting on the video calling app.

Besides those apps, there are still many other choices. It is such as Line, Viber, Wechat, Facetime, and the rest. You might wonder why this page does not include it as the best application. It is because not all are familiar with those names and there are still other reasons. It might be the next video call apps topic. Therefore, keep following this platform and do not be outdated. Learn and choose!