15 Tips to Speed Up Mac Return Its Work Performance Without Hours

Tips to Speed Up Mac

Feel great having a new Mac? It is normal because the last version brings plenty of new features. However, it is a human-made product where there is always a weakness. Tips to speed up Mac are the most wanted topic by numerous users. Indeed, Mac is well-known with slow respond performance after running several times. How can it happen while it is one of the premia of Apple’s products? Seemly, it is a fun riddle for everyone and you should find the causes first. Find the answer along with how to speed up your Mac here.

Tips to Speed up Mac will not Effective without finding the Causes

Who does not feel annoyed when its Mac OS start to work slowly? It occurs from time to time but actually, you just bought it several months ago. The saddest thing is you have spent much money but it only gives you a temporary fun. By the way, it is wrong thinking because this case has found the solution. However, it will not work effectively if you do not find the causes. Fix the Mac running slow without knowing the cause may make the thing more damage. Therefore, you must identify what makes it happen!

Mac becomes work slowly because you use it carelessly. You have a bad habit that you never realize during the utility of the device. For instance, you use the software without rule or rare to update the applications. So, Apple as the creator of the device does not have any mistake. Here, you should improve yourself to leave those bad habit. If the slow response has happened, you do not need to worry. Apple keeps giving you a solution to overcome the trouble easily.

15 How to speed up Mac – Complete Information!

Apple is kind-hearted with willing to provide the solution to your problem. Here, this manufacturer releases 15 steps to improve MacBook performance such as below:

1. Find the applications that need a resource

Some applications make the device work not fast because they need more resources. The first tip is to identify which application spending your resource system. Use Activity Monitor that can detail five different resources. By the way, you can find the application through your Application folder from the Utility folder. Alongside that, you can open it using Spotlight. When you see the applications causing its problem, you can close by clicking the X icon in the left corner.

2. Upgrade Recent MacOS

Apple recommends upgrading your macOS for the last version that happens once a year. Updating the operating system not only improve the performance of the Mac but also giving repair in new features.

Even though, the tips to speed up Mac often make a performance delay after upgrading. It is because there is a spotlight index which takes place in hours. You do not need to worry because it will be okay again unless the indexing is stuck. Fix it with doing reindex spotlight through System Preference, Spotlight, and click “Privacy”. Drag your hard drive here from Finder and delete “-“ to reindex spotlight again.

3. Manage the startup system

Startup accelerates the slow working Mac without waiting for Chrome or Firefox launching. This how-to speed up Mac takes place when the device is launching boots often running unuseful applications. Here, you will start to manage your startup system through System Preference. Continue on User & Group, click your name, click the Login button, and choose the program. Click the icon “-“ when your Mac starts again.

4. Update all Applications

Next tips to speed up mac, update all application existing on your Mac to the latest version to get new features and repairment.

5. Turn off visual effects

Turn off some features helps your iMac or MacBook work faster again. You may do it with clicking System Preference and Dock. Afterward, delete the checkmarks on the box to turn off an opening application, hide, and show the Dock automatically. Use and change Genie effect to Scale effect to minimize Windows.

6. Avoid installing plowing application

Never install plowing applications because it contains current codes to free install. Alongside that, it may have some malicious program to damage your Mac. If you installed it, so uninstall it now. Learn more about how to uninstall app on mac.

7. Purchase Mac application only on the App Store

Do not be stingy with looking for free application because all apps in the Mac App Store have the costs. Nonetheless, it is better for you because the apps are safer, better performance, and pass the feasibility test.

8. Delete browser Add-on

Reduce the opened tabs and delete unuseful browser extension. By the way, each browser has a different way to delete add-on and extension.

9. Less of desktop chaos

Delete unuseful icons on your desktop because it helps to Mac works fast. This way to speed up Mac can add the capacity of your RAM. Free it instantly using Terminal Mac when the capacity is full. If it is necessary, you may follow Mac tips suggest to upgrade the RAM.

10. Avoid using your hard disk until full

The capacity of your hard disk involves the performance of your Mac. So, avoid using the capacity until full of only rest few spaces. Clean up your hard disk manually with opening and cleaning it. Unluckily, cleaning HDD manually needs a long time until 3 hours. Precisely, you upgrade the hard disk (HDD) to SSD because it is effective to speed up Mac performance.

11. Empty the cache file

Cache takes most parts of your internal storage space and it just a temporary data to speed up your Mac. Delete the cache manually or using the second parties. See also CleanMyMac X to empty the cache and clean HDD!

12. Reset PRAM and SMC

PRAM is parameter RAM and SMC is System Management Control. Reset both when your computer is unable to solve some trouble. The examples are the slow performance, suddenly sleep or turn off, and the battery does not charge.

13. Install Additional Cooling

It turns out the cause of your Mac and MacBook work slowly is overheating. Here, you can use additional cooling to cooling down the machine.

14. Tidy up your files

How to speed up a slow Mac or MacBook is easy with tidy up your files on the computer.

15. Make a new account

Last of tips to speed up mac, the solution is with making a new account! Start from clicking the Apple’s logo and System Preferences. Go on User& Group and press to open the key. Click or press “+” to add a new user. Then, import your data to your new account: click Finder> Go> Computer> Macintosh HD> Users.

Well, those are 15 tips to speed up Mac ! Do not hurry to change your netbook because there is plenty of solution for you.