Change PUBG Account

Do you ever have any problem with your PUBG account? Don’t worry it can be solved easily. Since the mobile platform has released, PUBG games become a well-known game. This Battle Royale game makes anyone who plays this will get addicted. Meanwhile, every player absolutely want to get the account with a high rank and historical kill or an abundant victory. To reach that, usually, each player has special account to train in order that their main rank is not get down. Let’s change PUBG account in Android.

How to Change PUBG Account in Android

The Player Unknown’s Battleground, which called PUBG is a Battle Royale game that available on several consoles like in Personal Computer (PC), in Android Smartphone or iOS and the XBOX one. PUBG games itself has released on the last February 2018 and nowadays, this game succeeds to reach more than 100 million downloaded in Google Play Store. In addition, this game also can serve another thing, such as for streaming. Then it support several youtuber to utilize it as a content.

This game ever also conduct a tournament whether in International or in national case. 2 of them are PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018 and PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2019. Nowadays, this PUBG game has been downloaded by more than 200 million people and 30 million active players. Every single player has more than one account. It aimed for to train them in order that their rank is not getting down or to play it professionally.

Let’s Change PUBG account in Android

Your PUBG games are unlimited by using one account only, you may change it anyway. For login itself, you can try 4 ways. PUBG games provide 4 media login through Facebook, Twitter, Google account, and the Guest. The permanent one goes to Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts. But for the Guest one is only used to train the player.

For knowing the way how to change your PUBG account you need to follow these steps:

1. Open your PUBG account then go to the Setting

Click on Setting menu that located on the right down side of the screen.

2. Click Log Out and Select OK

You can find Log Out in the Basic column, then you will be taken to the main page to Login.

3. Choose your login media

You may choose 4 media login those are through Facebook, Twitter, Google account, and Guest. when you create a new account by using the social media likes Twitter and PUBG you will carry out to the new page to do login.

You just can use one account on your social media. So the most your social media account, the most PUBG account that you can register. But if you log in through the guest application, you can only log in one time.

How to Register New PUBG account

1. Go to the login page then choose Guest

If the guest option is not available on the main login page, so you just need to click More icon. Then you will notify with the rules regulation that guest account.

2. Choose the server region, then choose Continue

If you play this game in Indonesia, it would be better for you to choose the Asia server because you will get a more stable internet connection.

3. Make your Character and click Create

You may cover up your face, hair, nickname, skin, and so on. This setting, you may change on a game. You may go to the lobby game after you had finished making your own characters.

Make sure that your nickname has not owned yet by the other players. For your information, to change your nickname in PUBG games, you have to use the special item namely Rename Card which sells in a game for 180 UC. So make sure that your nickname is fit with you.

So guys, those are some of the informations that you may take. Start from the way how to log in, how to change PUBG account in Android and so many else. You may try it by yourself, Good luck and have a nice trying.