31 New Features on iOS 13 – All Updated, Useful Features Coming to iOS

New Features on iOS 13

Everyone has known that iOS 12 stores new helpful features such as Siri Shortcuts, upgraded digital wellness tracking, and photo searching. It also tries well to weed out the bugs and improve its device’s stability. Now, it is time for iOS 13 to have updated its features. iOS 13 comes with new features upgraded. The new features on iOS 13 include a system-wide dark mode, comprehensive health tracking, several default apps’ redesign, swipe-based typing, and many more. So here are all the new features on iOS 13 beta we are going to discuss below for further information!

New Features on iOS 13 Available Makes Ios Performs Better

There are about 31 new features on iOS 13. What are they? Let’s check all new features iOS 13 out in this following points!

1. Dark Mode

The dark mode is a number-one-new feature in iOS 13 beta 2 which become people’s favorite. This fresh iPhone feature looks very different from other Dark Mode exists on Android. This is because it could be activated both automatically and manually. Applying it, your phone will be in dark mode at night so you could feel comfy when you look at your screen. At the morning, it may automatically change to be in a light mode. This mode will affect not only to your application or screen but also to your wallpaper. Therefore, it may make your battery last for hours.

2. Optimized Battery Charging

This feature may be helpful to maximize the use of your phone’s battery. It may allow you to know the charging activity. With the optimized battery charging, your phone will automatically stop charging when your device has been in 80% charged. It aims to avoid overcharge. Overcharge may disadvantage you because it has many negative effects. For instance, it may lower your phone’s battery.

3. Low Data Mode

When you think you are about to limit your data connection, you may use this new feature on iOS 13. It will work well for sure. You can oversee the use of your data connection every day. Therefore, you could save your data and make it last for a month.

4. WiFi and Bluetooth Shortcut

When you are going to turn on your Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth, you must go to Setting first, right? Well, that is an old and long way. Well, on iOS, you just need to swipe your notification toggle or check and choose the shortcuts. It is also possible to hold and tap WiFi on the Control Center to activate it. It’s easy, right?

5. New Volume Slider

iOS used to have a volume slider on its center side of the screen, hiding all contents you watch. However, now, its volume slider is on the left side of the screen. You may slide it to change the volume, whether or not you want it loud or slow.

6. Photos

On Photos, there will be a new feature called Days. As the recommended new feature on iOS 13, Days will work when you take some pictures with your iOS. If you take several pictures of the same object, Days will show the only one which it thinks the best shot. You may also directly edit your photo with many details including its brightness, exposure, highlight, balance, contrast, and shadow. This also happens for video. You could edit it without worrying to damage its original file.

7. QuickPath

Sometimes, when you want to text someone, you feel lazy to type what you want to. Sending a Voice Note is the best solution. However, you may also use QuickPath. It is like a swipe. You just need to connect the word to word and the sentence will be available. Thus, the languages exist still haven’t completed yet. You cannot find the Indonesian language, for instance, on Apple. Well, Apple is from the USA, right? Let see it next year!

8. Powerful Reminders

With this reminder, you can create a list of task. You may upload the pictures, web link, notes, documents, and many others. You may also create a task with the Siri. Using Reminder is kind of blessed because it will show you the list you created so you will not forget about it.

9. Calendar Support Attachment

Same as Reminder, you will be able to attach the attachment from your files. Also, it may notify you with some certain moment on a definite date you want to remind.

10. Upgraded AR

AR or Augmented Reality exists as one of the new features on iOS 13. It is like a kind of tool to help you study through ‘see’ the real object on 3D. on iOS 13, the AR offers a very useful digital information onto your imagining world which looks so real.

11. App Store

Mostly, when you are about to install the new application, you go to the App Store. However, you need to pay for free. In other words, it is not free. Yet, now, you go to Setting and download the app you want on the Apple Store for free. It can compete with the Google Play store right now.

12. Advanced Mail

You feel bored with your simple mail desktop? Go for iOS 13 then. The mail is upgraded well. You are free to edit the style text, alignment text, or even its font color. This new features on iOS 13 also add attachments such as the photos, documents, signatures, etc. There will be any other useful options like move message, archive message, mute, and print. However, of course, when you have updated your email, it requires much data connection.

13. Updated Notes

The features on notes also updated as well. It stores Gallery View where you can explore all files there. Also, it is possible to share your notes with other people.

14. Charming Safari

Same as the other new features on iOS 13, Safari is updated as well, There are some new details exist such as Favorites and Frequently Visited. Also, it is easy to download file on Safari because of the existence of the Download Manager. All files downloaded will also be stored on iCloud Drive so that you may download it again once you lost your file. Add a bookmark to your favorite web pages.

15. Powerful Files

On iOS, you may create your folder, cut, copy, or move data to certain folders. Also, it is easy for you to submit all files and make it to ZIP file. By having it named well, you will not be confused to look for your file. Moreover, it is completed with the scanned document. Therefore, there will not be any virus available.

16. Practical Text Editing

To edit the text using iOS 13 is not difficult though. You could tap and swipe to select the text. To copy the text, just pinch your three fingers. Spread your three fingers to use the paste feature. If you would like to undo, swipe your fingers to left while you must swipe your fingers to right to use redo.

17. Font

The new features on iOS 13 users especially females or ladies want their phone looks catchy and cool. They want to have a unique font. Well, congratulation! You can download any font you are interested in directly from the Apple Store. It including Japanese, Chinese, English, Vietnamese, etc.

18. Detailed Share Sheets

When you are going to share data with your friends, you will find it more complex with many options available. It includes contact messages’ recommendation, the app recommends, etc.

19. Health

You may see all the activities you’ve done in the past so you can compare it from last week, last month, or last year. You will know whether or not your performance recently is better or worse. Then, could rearrange your schedule related to your health. For additional information, Health feature is useful for girls because it may help from your period tracking.

20. Books

Do you like reading books? This is a piece of happy news for you then. iOS releases its new features on iOS 13, Reading Goals. You may read books there and there will be time tracker exists. Of course, books will be online but for free. Choose which theme or genre of the books you want to read most for finding the best result.

21. Apple Music

For a person whose hobby is singing, she or he must love Apple Music. This application is not only to listen to music but also to do karaoke. You may choose what songs you want to sing by creating lists. If you want, you can arrange the music or delete it if you dislike. This feature is comfy to use because the timing track matches well to the lyrics.

22. Find My

This feature is an upgraded new feature on iOS 13 from Find My Friend and Find My iPhone. By having Find My, you may know your friend’s location. When you lost your phone, you may look for your device by activating this iOS 13’s feature. If someone stole your Apple, you may make it inactive or delete the data indirectly from far. Well, Find My is the best new features iOS 13 which becomes people’s favorite.

23. Silent Calling

You must feel irritated when there is someone whom you don’t know call you, right? Well, this Silent Calling will be helpful. It can silent all the unknown numbers calling you. It may directly go to voice mail.

24. Look Around In Maps

This new feature looks like Google Maps. You may search for any place you want to visit. It will show you the way, details of time duration, etc. What makes it different from Google Maps is that it show all places in 3D virtual, making it more real.

25. Emoji Stickers

Do you want to express your feelings? Let you use this new feature then. It stores many emoji stickers in different expressions and faces. You may even create your emoji using your iOS!

26. Charming iMessages

You must think that messaging features, one of the new homepod features iOS 13, looks old, classical, standard, and formal. However, on iOS, the messaging feature looks like a WhatsApp. iMessage shows your recent picture and recent contact. You may edit your friends’ name and photos. You may also pin their chats if you want.

27. Privacy

New apple features iOS 13 now offers you great privacy. Your friends will not be able to use your phone because it needs certain code to access your phone including its apps available.

28. Support Game Controller

If your PC is damaged, you could still play games with your phone. iOS 13 surprisingly supports game controllers including stick PS4 dan Xbox One S. Wait for the next new carplay features iOS 13 for other controllers’ support.

29. Portrait Lighting Control

This Portrait Lighting might be useful for an amateur photographer who wants to start his business but does not have a camera. Well, you may use your iOS and take advantage of this feature. It may be helpful to change the angle and distance of an object. This is one of the top new features iOS 13 so far.

30. High Key Mono Portrait

For adding the monochrome effect to your photos, you may use High Key Mono Portrait. Well, it is, of course, will be an important app for photographers. Unfortunately, it is available in developer beta 3 only. iOS developer beta 1 does not support this feature yet.

31. Sign in with Apple

When you start using your Android, you will be asked about your e-mail, password, some certain questions, etc. With Apple, you could easily sign in your device. You just need to sign in with your Facebook or Google account once. There are many other new features such as HomeKit Secure Video for your watching privacy, etc. You may look for detailed information on our next page!

Well, even though there are many new features on iOS 13, you may not use them all. Use only some which you think you need it. Using all these features may also take an effect on your storage. In the end, having a new airpod feature iOS 13, you might make use of your phone optimally. Once your iOS has updated, the bug or some errors will less exist.

Finally, keep staying on our website for knowing the info about other new features on different iOS type.