How to Uninstall on Mac – 3 Ways to Delete App on Mac

how to uninstall on mac, delete app on mac

Mac is one of a personal computer (PC) based on PowerPC which produced by Apple. Basically to install an application in this device is quite easy and it also has the same way how to uninstall on mac. Most of people will consider that delete app on Mac or even MacBook is a bit hard. It caused by the Mac OS X or even MacOS Sierra doesn’t have any control panel like what we usually found in Windows generally. We can’t even do some deleting as same as like what we do on the Windows, such as click right then choose to remove Mac app option. We can’t even do that.

How to Uninstall on Mac – 3 Ways to Delete App on Mac

There are 3 ways that you can try how to uninstall on Mac Book or delete app on mac book, those are: through folder app, through Uninstaller, and through Launchpad. The first one is how to uninstall Mac app through folder app. To remove it, we need to log in to the folder application. There will be several steps that we need to do:

1. Log in to the folder app by using the finder on our phone to search the folder app.

2. Searching for the app that we want to remove.

3. Tap right or Cntrl + Click app then choose Move to Trash.

4. Then the Mac application directly removed and we can’t even find any Mac application on the Mac list.

Second Way of How to Uninstall on Mac or Delete App on Mac

For the second, How to directly remove and uninstall Mac app through Launchpad. Even we can’t directly remove by clicking right one on the application, but we can remove it through Launchpad.

1. Open the Launchpad and we are going to find many kinds of applications inside there.

2. Drag the application that we intend to remove to the Trash Can that located on the right down Dock sides.

3. Confirm the Mac application removable.

4. We can also remove by drag the options button on keyboard and there will appear the (x) button on the left upside in each application icon.

5. We can directly click uninstall the Mac application and confirm the removable application.

if we can’t even sure that the application will be removed along with the cache inside, we can try another way that is the uninstaller application to uninstall the Mac Application and also the cache inside which sometimes we can’t even realize that the cache that remains inside.

Last way of How to Uninstall on Mac or Delete App on Mac

The last one way to uninstall and remove the Mac application through Uninstaller application or well-known as the Cleany MyMac 3. This is the most recommended Mac uninstaller application which most of people have been tried. Here are the step to use it.

1. Open the Clean MyMac 3.

2. Open the uninstaller feature which available on Clean MyMac.

3. Choose the application that we want to remove from Mac or MacBook.

4. Click uninstall to directly remove the application that we want.

5. This application not only uninstall the Mac application and also remove the cache on the Mac application.

Briefly, those three applications totally give us a lot of benefits to delete app on mac easily and practically.