How to Play Fortnite on Mac, Mac Sierra, MacBook, and MacBook Pro

Play Fortnite on Mac

Handphone and laptop that are special for the game have been available with various option. Mac is one of them where it is suitable to play Fortnite. Have you known how to play Fortnite on Mac, the gamers? By the way, this game completes the feature of Mac laptop since Apple releases Mac Sierra. Mac itself still recommend MacBook and MacBook Pro 15” because it quite fulfills the requirement. Usually, the gamers get some trouble when they use other specs. Well, let’s see how this Apple’s laptop satisfy your fun in playing the game!

Play Fortnite on Mac – Download and Set Fortnite!

The game Fortnite does not available directly on Mac but you should download fortnite game first. You can download the game freely from Epic Games and choose PC/ Mac download. Next, you will download EpicInstaller to start the process. Besides using MacBook Pro, you can play fortnite on Mac Sierra but it gives some terms such as below:

  • Minimum Standard

You can play fortnite on Mac Sierra with the minimum standard of the Processor Core i3 2.4GHz. Mac Sierra 10. 12.6 must have the RAM is at least 4GB, and Intel Iris Pro 2500.

  • Better Standard

At least, you use Mac Sierra 10. 13. 6 1 with the RAM 8GB and 2GB for VRAM. It has the Processor Core i5 2.8GHz and AMD Radeon HD 7870.

Next, you should know some important setting consisting of the resolution, preset quality, and Vsync. The laptop must have the resolution in 1080p that close to 60 FPS or above 30. Using the Mac laptop to play the game better start from low quality then increase to medium and next. Turn off Vsync is quite expensive but it helps to reduce cut off the screen amount. By the way, it does not matter to enliven without Vsync.

2 Steps to Improve the Performance of the Game

Are you ready to play fortnite on your mac? There is still the last recommendation before starting Fortnite on Mac. The gamers ask for improving the performance and framerate though 2 following steps:

1. Change Picture Setting

Such as you read above, the most suitable preset quality is in the low setting. Even though, you can set it in the medium through default. Anything you want to set Fortnite, start from the Setting menu through the hamburger icon. The icon has the form of three lines where you can click it. This way will improve framerate instantly without sacrificing too much visual quality. Also, Fortnite is one of the best game to run low graphic quality.

2. Stop other Programs

Stop all programs or applications when you play Fortnite except Epic Games Launcher. The function of stopping much application is to better play and add more resources.

Play Fortnite without Downloading

You can play fortnite on Mac without downloading it. Usually, it happens for Mac which does not fulfill the specification because it still uses the old version. The old version often causes lag and make your game runs annoying. It implies you need an alternative way such as to overcome the trouble. Before closing the discussion, let’s talk on the game (Fortnite). Fortnite is a video game that comes from Epic Games. The manufacturer releases the game in 2017 and presents some game mode.

Well, those are some information on play Fortnite on Mac. The tips above are useful for Mac Sierra, MacBook, and MacBook Pro. Lately, many online video games come with innovative features. However, Fortnite keeps shining and exist among other games. So, let’s choose your Mac type and begin to set. Afterward, you can play without any trouble especially lagging. Do you have any information on Fortnite and Mac? Share it because sharing a piece of information is always exciting and useful.