Best Character in Free Fire for Solo and 3 Combinations for Squad Ranks

Playing Free Fire will be so much fun if you know the best character in Free Fire which you can use to push your rank up. This is important because Free Fire has a different character system compared to a similar battle royal game. In Free Fire, the characters have their skills, skin, and story. By knowing each character’s skill, you can easily play it and push your rank. Don’t worry. We already sum up the best Garena Free Fire characters for your reference.

5 Best Characters in Free Fire to Push up Rank in Solo Mode

There are five recommended characters in Free Fire for you that you can use when you are playing solo mode. Although it is for a solo mode which may easier than squad mode if you choose the wrong character you will not get the booyah

. And below is the character’s list:

1. Kelly

The first character is Kelly which has the best part that she is a fast runner. Her running skill is over the others. She also has a special survival skill called dash run which will increase the running speed. For solo mode, this skill will benefit you to hunt or avoid enemies and also move to the zone faster.

2. Paloma

Just like Kelly, Paloma is one of the best girl characters in Free Fire. She has a unique skill called Arms-dealing. This skill makes Paloma easily take many medical kit or gloo wall in many amounts without affecting her basic skills. One of the greatest things about Paloma’s skill is that it can reduce the weight of the bullets up to 180 AR bullets. This means you can bring many things in your solo rank. Besides, AR or Assault Riffle is the most used weapon so this character also suitable for you who are an aggressive solo player.

3. Ford

For the beginners, Ford is the easiest Free Fire character that you can use because this character has also the safest skill in the late game. For beginners who still need to play safe, this is the best choice because in the late game his power will be able to reduce the damage of Safe Zone up to 24%. If you are also like to play in the zone, this will be the best character for that playing mode.

4. Maxim

Maxim has a great skill of medical kit usage timing. If you are an aggressive solo player and likes to fight but needs quick skill to use the medical kit, this is the best choice.
Remember that every second in the game is very important because missing one second can make you fail to be the winner.

5. Caroline

Caroline is like Kelly who has fast running skill, but there is a clear difference. The running skill of Caroline will only active if she uses the shotgun as the weapon. With this skill, the player will be able to aggressively hunt the enemies. You can also easily get yourself close to the enemy you want to shoot when playing. This will benefit you because the closer you use the shotgun to the enemy, the damage will be greater. If you like to play in a short distance to your enemy, this is the best choice.

Best Character Combination for Squad Mode

Not only for solo mode, but we will also recommend you some best combination character in Garena Free Fire for squad mode. Although this is for squad mode, you may also use this reference as the combination for playing duo mode. Here are the top three combinations:

  1. Kelly, Maxim, and Paloma
  2. Kelly, Paloma, and Caroline
  3. Olivia, Maxim, and Paloma

These three combinations will make good teamwork, no matter the fourth character that you will use.

That’s all about the best character in Free Fire that you may try for both solo and squad rank. You can use solo mode to try and learn all the character’s skill first and then move to duo or squad mode. Booyah!