Free COD Mobile Points – Get Free Call of Duty Mobile Points Freely

Free COD Mobile Points

Free COD Mobile points are about how to get it without spending money or credit. COD itself is Call of Duty as one of the latest trend online video games in 2020. By the way, how does the condition of your town? Are you social distancing because of COVID-19? Do not be sad and keep productive at home. When you tire, utilize this moment to chase your points on COD mobile. Get a new insight about how to get free CP COD mobile and others.

Free COD Mobile Points through 12 Ways to Get it

Your soul looks suitable for the first ideas that pertain to cheating and h4cking. Well, it is just kidding and does not heart feeling for this case. However, how to get free CP COD mobile today teach to get it via 12 ways of cheating and h4cking:

1. Achieve it by the control scheme

Call of Duty has an advanced system with one key for detecting and shooting.

2. You can select load-out based in the gameplay strategy

As the player, you have a choice to select the weapon based on their gameplay mechanics. But, be careful if you choose to multiplayer.

3. Always watch your enemy over

You are a prime player that must survive, kill enemies, and loot your enemies. It is better to play through your smartphone that PC for this case.

4. Use scores take

Utilize the score takes to get a better XP point but keep wise to use the third available score takes.

5. Gather all rewards manually

You must understand that rewards that you get can come automatically and also by gathering.

6. Have daily as well as weekly tasks

Daily and weekly tasks as the mode of the game appear to get the best pathway during looking for the reward.

7. Understand your mission

It is extremely important to know and understand your mission to play. You have to understand it before starting to play and get free COD Mobile points.

8. Outline and study the map of your enemy

Use the map that this game provides to beat all enemies using the best weapon.

9. Boundary the time events

Various limited-time events may give loot crates, cosmetic items, and credits.

10. Follow the world competition of Call on Duty.

For your information, you have a right to take part in this event as well as winning some rewards.

11. Undertake to gather your ID tag

Collect plenty of ID tags and you will get a lot of gifts.

12. The last way to cheats and h4cks to get the points

Ask your friends to exchange their XP cards. You can choose them and tap the XP.

How to Get Free CP COD mobile Points using Virtual Money

By the way, you still have another choice the get COD points freely without using real money. The second way uses virtual money but the early part keeps need a little bit of cash. Follow the steps to get free Call of duty mobile points:

  • Use your money to purchase Season 1 Battle Pass and you will get the return of 800 CP. Buy this season through Gameplay on the right bottom from the menu.
  • Unlock the Battle Pass and complete challenges to earn your COD points.
  • 800 CP points will be yours when you can pass 93 tiers. You can use the points to buy the next season’s Battle Pass. In this section, you also get a lot of rewards and shop your COD points. Feel free to use it to buy or use it later in the next season’s Pass.
  • Sometimes, the Call of Duty Mobile presents a special offer.

Introduce 7 COD Mobile Generators to Catch COD Points freely

The Call of Duty truly seriously makes the players fun and loyal. You, surely, think that guide to get free COD points to stop above. However, this game still offers one more idea through the seven (7) COD Mobile generators:

1. COD Mobile H4cks

The first generation is COD mobile h4cks that you can get by entering your username as well as password. Afterward, mention the coin amount or the point credit that you want to.

2. CODM Online Generator

Secondly, to get free call of duty mobile points, you can try using Call of Duty online generator that has the same way to generate. After mentioning your username and password, you will wait for the generation process finishes.

3. Call of Duty Mobile Generator

Such as you see, the difference of the third point is only the world “online”. Although the name does not same, how to set it up is also similar.

4. Generator Call of Duty

At glance, those names just play the same words and divide the placement. The way to usage is still similar to the prior points.

5. Free CP COD Mobile Generator

6. COD Ultimate Mobile Generator

7. Call of Duty Mobile H4ck Online

Okay, those are plenty of ways to get free COD points and win the game. Use those tricks to keep existing on the game. One more question, please. Would you like to share this information with others? Good luck!