Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes – Important Features of COD

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes

Hi game lovers! Do you love Call of Duty game? If you are, you need to know everything about it. Thus, you will get more understanding and master this game well. As a result, your gameplay will be better and better. Moreover, this game has many features. Battle Royale Classes Call of Duty Mobile is an important feature to know. With the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes, you will get an interesting playing experience. To know the kinds of classes of this game, you can follow the following explanation.

6 Kinds of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes

This game has 6 kinds of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes you need to know. what are they? Have a good look at the explanation below.

1. Ninja

The first class to know is Ninja. This class is one of the killers in this game. It can kill the enemy in a silent way. It can happen since this class use the hidden step and also grapple Gun. So, it is very suitable to ambush the enemy.
In addition, the Ninja’s step sound is decreased while walking. This condition makes the enemy does not hear the steps of the Ninja class. The duty of this class is to steal the enemies and kill them instantly at that moment. So, this class will always threaten the enemies and force them to be watchful at any time.

2. Clown

The second class to know is a Clown. This is a defensive and also an offensive class that you can use in any situation. It can happen since Clown can call zombies that can attack the enemy. Besides, this class can limit the zombies’ movement that is ordered by enemies.

This condition will help you prevent the enemies’ zombies attack you continuously. Furthermore, you can use this class if the enemy does not use the Clown. Thus, you will be easy to figure out the enemy with the zombies’ help you order.

3. Scout

This class is an important position for every Battle Royale game. This class can function to observe the movement of the enemy. Besides, it can be used to find the enemies’ existence. With those functions, your team movements will be safer and will not find any ambush from the enemy.

Another benefit of this class knows the enemies’ position on the map radar. You can see it using a sensor dart. It is so beneficial, isn’t it? These benefits can only be found by the scout class. Therefore, this kind of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes will be used by any team that plays this game.

4. Defender

As the name, this class functions to defend. If you use this class, you will have a charge to defend and protect the team from any enemies. So, this class is very important in the battle. In a dangerous moment, this class will be useful to protect the team, especially in the war.

In this condition, you with this class can make shields to block some attacks from the enemy. So, your team will be safe from any dangerous attack. Besides, the Defender can even take a big shield named Transform Shield.

This shield has huge resistance. In this matter, the enemy will not be able to penetrate your team defense easily in the team fight. So, you need to consider this one of the Battle Royale Classes Call of Duty Mobile while playing it.

5. Mechanic

This class offers a few special abilities. With them, you can annoy the enemies. This class is like a h4cker that will be useful for your team. It can disturb the enemies’ movement by radiating the electromagnetic wave from the EMP Drone that you release to the enemy.

In this condition, the enemies will find difficulty to move and your team can use this moment to penetrate the enemies’ defense. In addition, this kind of Battle Royale Classes Call of Duty Mobile can find the location of important things. They are such as vehicles, traps, and other equipment in the nearby.

6. Medic

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes

The last class to know is Medic. With its role, many people also call this one of Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Classes as a support class. It is rational since it can restore the special ability of the teammates with their skill.

This skill is named the medical station. Besides healing the teammates, all of these classes can also heal themselves. When it happens, this class can heal itself faster than heal the teammates. So, you should use this class appropriately by seeing the situation of the team.

Well, that is all about the 6 battle Call of Duty Mobile Royale Classes you need to know. Make sure you know all of them well to help you play this game better. After knowing them well and get more understanding, you can, then, practice more with your friend to increase your gameplay.