How to Move Chrome Address Bar to Bottom in Your Phone Easily

Move Chrome Address Bar

When you are browsing with your laptop or computer, you will see that all URL links and menu options are on the top. Yet, on a phone especially an Android smartphone, it will be on the bottom. Thus, as it has been updated, it is located on the top, the same as the one on your web browser. This makes some users feel uncomfortable. Then, they begin a search for ways to move chrome address bar to bottom. Well, today, in this article, we are going to talk more about moving chrome toolbar to bottom to start with. Do not worry. We also will talk about some tips and tricks to move it back to top. Ok! Let’s start it below!

How to Move Chrome Address Bar to Bottom

Moving chrome toolbar to bottom is not difficult to do as well as you pay attention to some necessary steps. What are they? Let’s take a look at them for further detail in the following numbers!

1. Chrome browser

Turn on your phone. Then, look for your chrome browser in your device. Once you find it, let you open your chrome browser with your Android. Then, click its address bar. After that, just type chrome://flags to make the Google chrome flag appears. Tap the ‘search bar’ and type home soon. Wait for your browser to proceed.


2. Chrome home flag

After a few seconds, you will see the chrome home flag of your browser still with the default setting. Type “DUET” in search menu. Choose Chrome Duet and then click Default. Click Enabled Home-Search-TabSwitcher Variation.

How to Move Chrome Address Bar

3. Relaunch your chrome

You suppose to relaunch your chrome by picking up the option “Relaunch” button. It is needed to restart your chrome browser on your device. Well done! Your chrome address bar is successfully moved to the bottom!. After that you can try to open Chrome again. See the picture below to know the result.

Move Chrome Address Bar

Moving Back The Chrome Address Bar to Top

If you have felt comfy enough with the updated appearance, you could change your chrome bar to the top. How you do that? Let’s check it out below!

1. Chrome browser

Again, open your chrome browser on your phone. Then, on its address bar, let you type chrome://flags to appear the Google chrome flag. After that, you need to type ‘Duet’ to search the Chrome Home.

2. Chrome home

To change your chrome home, you just need to choose ‘default’ to change back your address bar to the top.

3. If you want to simple way to get default your chrome, just click “Reset All to Default“. See picture below to know it.

Move Chrome Address Bar

3. Relaunch your chrome

Relaunch your device by picking up the option ‘relaunch now’. Then, type chrome://restart to restart your Android chrome. You are done!

The Advantages of Using Bottom Chrome Address Bar

There are many advantages once you succeed moving chrome toolbar to bottom. What are they? Let’s check them out below!

1. More convenient

Using a smartphone, you often use a single hand to type. Therefore, it might be difficult if the chrome address bar is on the top. You might need to use both of your hands to move to new tabs. Yet, you do not need it anymore once you move your chrome address bar to bottom. This ‘bottom’ chrome address bar is surely more convenient rather than the top one.

2. Easy to do

To move your chrome address bar to bottom is easy as you have read all those steps mentioned before. It must be easy, right? Do not worry to find some codes needed because you will not need codes to change the chrome address bar. Plus, if you want, you could also make it back to default if you dislike it.

3. Online instructions

Chrome itself provides online instructions for you who still do not understand or are not successful to change your chrome address bar. There will be complete explanations along with the pictures so that you could redo your works well-planned.

Still Unclear?

You could search for videos of how to move chrome toolbar to top or bottom with your device to make you clear. Meanwhile, you could do the instructions explain directly with your phone until you are done watching the video. It is okay to pause the video if it is too fast but you have not finished doing certain instructions.

That’s all about steps to move chrome address bar to bottom, you could now try it out by yourself with your device at home. Finally, Google must update the chrome browser so that it might look different again.