Best Weapons Stats in COD – Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale

Best Weapons Stats in COD

Call of Duty is one of the best mobile games with good complexity. If you like playing this game, it is important for you to understand the weapon stats. With a good understanding, you can choose the right weapons that are suitable to your play style. Thus, knowing the best weapons stats in COD is a must for you if you want to always win the match. Moreover, if you never know the best weapons stats in COD mobile battle royale, you can learn all of them here. So, just have a good look at the explanation below.

The Best Weapons Stats in COD to Know

From some weapons that are available in this game, there is always the best choice for every player. Here are the best ones you can choose when you play this game.

1. Assault rifle

An assault rifle becomes a favorite weapon in this game. It can happen since this kind of best weapons stats in COD mobile battle royale offer a far range to shoot enemies. Besides, this weapon also has high damage and a good firing rate. That is why many players like to use this weapon in a war. The best assault rifle that has the highest damage you can use is AK47. The damage of this weapon is 70. Other points owned by this weapon are also good enough for you. Its accuracy is 45, the range is 65, the fire rate is 55, and the mobility is 60.

2. Sniper rifle

This weapon has very high damage. One bullet of this weapon can kill one enemy. So, you can choose this weapon to go to a long-distance battle. Here is one of the best weapons stats in COD you need to know from a sniper rifle. Yes, the best sniper rifle you can choose is M21 EBR. It has high damage that is 85. The accuracy is also great. It has 60 points for accuracy. Then, the range of this weapon is 95, the fire rate is 15, and the mobility is 45. It can be the best choice for you to make a one-shot one kill to the enemy from distance. So, just master this weapon to get a good play style.

3. Light Machine Gun (LMG)

To have a short and medium distance battle, LMG can be the best choice for you. This weapon has many bullets in every magazine. The bullets can reach 50 to 100 rounds. Besides having many bullets, this weapon can also deal with high damage. In a certain model of LMG, the damage can be as high as a sniper rifle. Do you want to know the best stats of this weapon? If so, S36 Yellow Triangle is the right choice for you based on its stats. The damage point of this LMG is 75. It is the highest damage that LMG can deal with. The accuracy is 35. It is a little bit low accuracy. So, make sure you use your best skill to shoot the enemies with his weapon. Then, it has 50 points for range, 75 for fire rate, and 40 for mobility.

4. Submachine Gun (SMG)

The next best weapons stats in COD mobile battle royale to share with you is SMG. This weapon is good to be brought in the wide map. This weapon also has high mobility. So, let’s see the stats of the best SMG. The best SMG for you is PDW57 Red. It has the highest damage among all SMG. Its damage is 90. It also has good accuracy that is 40. The range of this SMG is 25, the fire rate is 50, and the mobility is 75.

5. Shotgun

This is a destroying weapon that you should consider in the small map. You can use it to make one hit one kill. The best-recommended shotgun is HS0405. Let’s see the best weapons stats in COD from this weapon. Well, this shotgun can deal with 90 damages. The accuracy point is 85, the range is 30, the fire rate is 5, and the mobility is 75. So, just use it to go to the short distance battle.

Well, that is all you can learn about the best weapons stats in COD. Take the best weapon as mentioned above based on the situation and in which map you go.