Best Weapon in Call of duty Mobile – The Right Weapons to Get Victory

Best Weapon in Call of duty Mobile

Hi, Call of Duty lovers! Do you often fund difficulty to win the game? If so, there must be some factors. One of them is the inappropriate weapons you choose. As a result, your attack cannot maximally hit the enemies with high damage. In this matter, you need to know the Best Weapon in Call of Duty mobile. With it, you can attack the enemy maximally in any ranges. By recognizing the character of the weapons, you can use it properly in some different situations. So, have a good look at the Best Weapon in Call of duty MOBILE below and understand every characteristic.

Top Seven Kinds of Best Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile

In this kind of game, there are seven best kinds of weapons that you can use when you play Call of Duty. What are they? Are you curious about them? If the answer is true, please follow these kinds well!

1. M21 EBR

This first kind of Best Weapon in Call of Duty is a Riffle Sniper weapon. Greatly, it is good enough for the beginner player in the Call of Duty game. If most of the snipers require you to kill all the enemies in the first shoot, what about with this weapon? It will force you to shoot many times. It is because this weapon is an automatic semi weapon. So, the players can shoot many times with a higher fire rate. In this case, you just need two bullets to the enemy’s body or head.

2. AK 47

What about this weapon? Actually, this kind of weapon has a higher damage to be shoot one by one from the far distance. However, this AK 47 is also good to use if it is from the near distance and compared with other rifles in its level. Even though, if you use the low accuracy to shot, it will be not a good solution. Besides, this weapon has damage that is 70, accuracy is 45, the range is 65, the fire rate is 55, and mobility is 60.

3. M4LMG

What does it mean? The LMG means that Light Machine Gun makes the weapon of M4LMG is included in the Best Weapon in Call of Duty. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because this weapon has the additional attachment of the bullets that are 75 for the total amount. So, if you use this kind of weapon when playing Call of Duty game, you will not run out of the bullet. By using the standard fire rate and enough damage, it will make this weapon dangerous enough in the right hand.

4. M16 Neon Tiger

For this kind of Best Weapon in Call of Duty mobile, some people will need an adaptation to use it for enough time. It is because this kind of weapon only shoots three bullets in the burst. Besides, the interlude between each shooting is not too fast. On the other hand, if this weapon is in the right hand, it will be very dangerous. The reason is in the short-mid distance, the range of two bullets can kill one person who is in the right position.

5. AKS-74U

You have to recognize that this weapon is popular enough in Call of Duty game. It is also included in the category of SMG. Then, it has 80 that is for damage and 60 that is for fire rate. When you use this kind of weapon, you can run everywhere and also shoot whoever in front of yourself. Furthermore, you will also get the other benefit. It is that this kind of weapon can you get on the first level so that it will help a new player.

6. PDW57 Zombie Gene

How about this kind of top Weapon in Call of Duty mobile? Exactly, it is the SMG that is the most phenomenal in Call of Duty game. At present, you can get this weapon if you follow the daily login event on the second day. As you know that the basic damage of this weapon is up to 90. Besides, you can also add the bullet attachments using the damage of PDW57 with the maximal damage.

7. AK117

This weapon is well known as the best Meta weapon in Call of Duty mobile game. You can say that it is Meta. However, the requirements to get it at the level of 60, so, it makes this weapon often appears in the early gameplay. Then, the fire rate that is higher than the previous weapon makes this weapon can be the most dangerous in the right hand. Thus, you must use this weapon in the rank PRO to a higher level.

Well, those are the kinds of the Best Weapon in Call of Duty mobile that you should know, especially for these game players. Just have a nice try to use the kinds of weapons above!