Level up Fast in Call of Duty Mobile – Play Enjoyably with the Right Tips

Level up Fast in Call of Duty Mobile

Hi, game lovers! You must know Call of Duty, right? Well, it is a popular game that is often played with pc in the past. With its popularity, finally, Tencent develops this game for mobile. While playing this game, you can be the best if you can level up fast in Call of Duty. When it happens, you can be the strongest player among others. When you can level up fast in Call of Duty mobile, you will also get new weapons and open other characters. Thus, to level up fast when you play this game is so necessary to consider.

How to Level up Fast in Call Of Duty Mobile

Considering that to level up while playing this game is important, you need to know the right tips. Thus, you will not play in the wrong way. Here are 6 tips you should consider well.

1. Avoid being killed

To increase your level, you need to get some XP during the game. When you are often killed while playing Multiplayer or Battle Royale mode, you will only get a little XP. When it happens, you will not be able to level up fast. As a result, the other competitors will have a higher level. In this case, you will get no chance to be the best at the end of the game. You must not want this condition to happen to you, right? So, try to take cover yourself well with the best strategy on the battlefield.

2. Change Battle Mode

The second way on how to level up fast in Call of Duty mobile you can try is to change the battle mode. As you know, this game contains two new modes which are Battle Royale and Multiplayer mode. You will get more XP in the Battle Royale mode if you can survive until the end of the battle. After that, you can try the other mode that is Multiplayer mode. This game has a faster duration compared to the Battle Royale Mode. When you have tried to play both modes, you can know which model is suitable for you. One thing that you should consider if you want to level up fast in Call of Duty is to play the Frontline mode. This model has simpler gameplay and you will also get abundant XP if you can win the game fast.

3. Go to the battlefield with your favorite weapon

Every time you go to the battlefield, you will get player EXP and Weapon EXP at the end of the game. To make you get a big chance to always win the game, you can use your favorite weapon. Make sure to use one that has a high level in the game. To have a high-level weapon will be helpful to make you survive longer and take down the enemies to get high XP. So, do this way to bring you to a victory and level up fast in Call of Duty mobile.

4. Play with friends

Do you know that to play together with friends will give you more XP than to play alone? Well, for you who have just known it, you can start to play with friends from now. When you play in the squad or just with one friend, you will get 20-35 % more EXP in every game. So, it will be good to support you on how to level up fast in Call of Duty.

5. Kill most and die least

As other Battle Royale games, you will get MVP (Most Valuable Player) by killing most with minimal death. The more you kill enemies will increase by 15% of your level. Don’t let yourself have the same kill and death, for instance, you kill enemies 5 times and death 5 times as well. Even, you should try to avoid getting more death than kill. It will only give a little XP in every game and you will get difficulty to level up fast. So, make sure you use the best strategy to have more kills than other players do during the game.

6. Use the Exp Card and Battle Pas

This is the last tip you can do to level up fast in Call of Duty. By doing this way, your XP will increase 2X more. So, besides doing the five tips above, you can also use Exp Card and Battle Pas. However, you should remember that to do this way needs money. So, make sure you prepare it to get this feature.

Well, that is all about the tips you can try to level up fast in Call of Duty mobile. You can try them one by one. After trying all of them, you will see which way can help you level up in this game faster. After finding the most suitable way, you can use it every time you play this game. Thus, your dream to level up in COD (Call of Duty) will come true. Have a nice try!