Best Video Editing Apps 2019 – 10+ Best App For Android and iOS

Video Editing Apps

Having a phone must be very enjoyable. You could send messages, have a phone call, taking a photograph, playing games, and editing video. Of course, you might use your PC also. Yet, you could not easily bring it with you, so contrasted with a phone. Anyway, nowadays, people use modern applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. They begin uploading a video on their phone so they use video editing apps. There are several best video editing apps 2019 for you to use for Android, iPhone, or iPad users. Let’s talk more about it in this following detail!

10+ Best Recommended Video Editing Apps for Smartphone 2019

When it comes to the video editing, sometimes your carrier phone may support it as well. You, however, could also use video editing apps to get better features. Let’s check the best video app which may also suit any smartphone below!

1. InShot

Talking about the best video editor app download for android, it must be InShot. This first app does not only suit the android user but also an iPhone user. InShot is very popular among people simply because it is easy to use it. You could trim video while adding the music, picture, or emoji. It is possible to insert an animated text, too. It also features video effects and transition, and the social media ready to upload your video. The only minus side of this app is that it does not require a redo or undo button.

2. PowerDirector

This video app is blessed with multiple powerful video editing features including video effect, reverse video, slow motion, fast motion, etc. It also has Chroma Key which functions well with action movie effects. Also, you might add voice or music with it. Plus, social media ready to share your video result. After all, this app is suitable for both beginner and professionals as well.

3. LumaFusion

This third app might be one of the best free video editing apps for the iPhone. Even though it is for phone, LumaFusion brings such a desktop-style editing appearance. It features media pane, text’s overlays and transitions, visual effects, easy clip positioning and movement, and wonderful filters. Same as the second choice, it also includes Chroma Key. The best thing from LumaFusion is that it has an audio setting. It means you can add the audio tracks, limited to three songs.

4. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a professional editing app which regularly creates personalized video. It functions well to use as the video collage maker and the slideshow maker. Make your video cool and fun with various stickers offered. VivaVideo has a powerful selfie camera for capturing your face if you want to add your recent looking to your video. Download this video editing application in a Play Store.

5. KineMaster

Are you looking for free downloading video editing apps for android? Then go for KineMaster. It becomes a pro video editing which is easy to use even for a beginner. It supports several cool features including text overlays, media, effects, doodles, etc. You could even add some video clips to edit to be one. However, you must be patient enough to deal with video trimming and transition. To enjoy all KineMaster features, you need to pay for £23.25. Even though you could use it for free but you cannot use color and saturation features, moving and zooming a video clip, etc.

6. iMovie

If you create a class movie and want to have a trailer for it, you might use the iMovie app. It features video filters, overlay titles, audio background music, spot effects, great setting volume, etc. If your recording has low sound rather than its background music, you might louder it. Select some clips and try to mix and work with iMovie. You will know the result soon. Oops, do not forget to choose the clip genre first, a Superhero for instance if your movie will be a superhero.

7. Quik

Talking about best video editing apps for iPhone user, Quik might be the best solution. This app is created well for those who do not like to edit video but want to have a great result. Then, you need to select Quik. All you need to do is just importing your clips, choosing your theme, etc. After that, Quik will work itself to create a video in 2 to 3 minutes duration. However, for getting the best result, you, yourself needs to edit it personally. Use some features of theme’s font, filter, graphic style, background music, highlights, texts, trims, crops, playback speed or low, etc. yourself.

8. VideoGrade

Coloring becomes the main feature in this video editing app. Editing video using VideoGrade might create such a flawless result. Same as others, it includes several useful features such as highlights, trims, background music, saturation, cool audio setting, etc. However, this iOS video editing is not free. You need to pay for £5.99 first before being able to use it.

9. Stop Motion Studio Pro

Do you search for the top video editing apps to use for your social media account such as Instagram? Why don’t you try using stop motion studio pro? This app could make your video fun. The stop-frame animation exists, you could create your imported photos to be a short fun video to upload on your Instagram or Whatsapp.

10. YouCut

When you use a definite app to edit your video, you might find its resolution or video quality lessens. Yet, that will not happen with YouCut. This kind of video editing apps allows you to save more than 90 percent size without lessening your video quality. Therefore, YouCut might be one of the suggested video editing apps used for YouTube. Merge your video, split and cut, and slideshow, adjust speed and compress your video using effects, trims, etc. with no watermark. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

11. FilmoraGo

Filmora offers you helpful features including hundreds of effects, filters, themes, and transitions. It is one of the best mobile video editing for android. You could download this on the Play Store for free. Select your memorable pictures of you and your family or friend into a sweet short video. You can export your video for maximum quality three times. Share it on your social media including your twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

12. Splice

If stop motion studio requires slow-motion video, this kind of best video editing video apps will be in fast motion video. You just need to import some clips, add a title, music background, effects, sound, etc. Make sure to slice, edit, transform, crop, and adjust the clips before you add some additional features on it. There are two versions of Splice, free splice, and pro splice. Both are for iOS. There will be many different features available on pro slice, it is more complete and updated as well.

13. Core Animator

If you wish to create a unique video with additional animating, let you make use core animator. On a timeline or keyframe, add your video to overlay the animation. The animation differs from each other. Choose a suitable genre to get a matched animation to your video. Finally, this video editing app is not free. You must pay for £5.99 first.

There are still many video editing apps which might suit your android or iOS smartphone. You could check another article on this website for further details. Finally, you are free to choose what video editing app which matches your need and purpose.