Let’s Change Blue Checklist on WhatsApp to The Cute Icon

Change Blue Checklist on WhatsApp

Generally sending something on WhatsApp and it has been read it will be signed with the blue checklist on the right side of the screen or later on the things that we sent. Obviously, not every people know about this exciting thing. Well everyone knew that this is the normal display from WhatsApp. Here are the 3 steps To Change Blue Checklist on Whatsapp to The Cute Icon

Way to Change Blue Checklist WhatsApp to The Cute Icon

There is one application that will support this statement it called Yo WhatsApp that defined as the WhatsApp mode or such a modification of WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp itself has a lot of manual settings to change the WhatsApp display, start from the theme, the shape of bubble chat, font letter and also change the blue checklist inside. So here are the steps that we’re going to talk especially the 3 steps to change Blue Checklist on WhatsApp :

1. Uninstall WhatsApp on your Phone (Original WhatsApp)

For the very first time step that we need to do is uninstall the official WhatsApp application on your phone. Because basically 2 same application, I mean 2 whatsapps can’t be running at the same phone too. So in order that this application could be running well. We need to remove or uninstall the official one.

2. Download and install Yo WhatsApp to your Phone

Second one, download then install Yo WhatsApp and sign in or register by using your WhatsApp number. If you succeed to registered to your WhatsApp, tap the 3 points or we call it as an option button on the up right corner side. After that, choose Yo Mods option then choose the Conversation Screen option. Next, choose the 3.2 Styles (Look and Feel) menu, then choose the Tricks Style option.

3. Choose Cuties and Cools Icon

Then you can directly found there are several kind of cuties and cools icon that you think it was proper to your wills that it can change blue checklist on WhatsApp. Then you can choose and you can even change it anytime you want. This the display looks like on your WhatsApp for the next after you change it and set it up. You can actually can explore more the option and Menu on Yo Mods to change the display on your WhatsApp.

Briefly, hopefully those 3 steps to change blue checklist on whatsapp app that have been shared to you. It will give a lot of beneficial and you can apply it. Thanks for visiting and Good luck!