5 Ways to Delete Apps on iPhone or iPad Permanently

5 Ways to Delete Apps on iPhone or iPad

This over tips gonna discuss the 5 ways to delete Apps on iPhone or iPad. Sometimes, the users of iPhone or iPad will find the problems on this device. Which is one is uninstalling the application. The app can’t be removed permanently. Why? Because of basically, all the application that has been installed, it will have the download history on App Store. You can read also iOS 10.3.1 update is available. Generally, the reason why the users wanna delete apps on iPhone or iPad :

  1. The application almost opened.
  2. Full storage memory.

We will agree with the statement above. Or maybe in out there, there are still many reasons for the users that choosing to remove some application on iOS device. If you’re gonna search the application that you’ll remove, you just need to search it on download history or in App Store. The app that you’ve ever bought, you can download it again without paying.

5 Ways to Delete Apps on iPhone or iPad

1. Remove the iOS application via Home Screen

In this way, you just need to push and hold the application icon on Home Screen for a second. Then the X symbol will appear on the left corner icon and the application will be shaken. Next, tap the X icon to remove the application then the confirmation window will appear and then choose Remove. By the way, this is the easier and the faster way to remove some application.

2. Uninstall the application through iTunes

In this way, you need some iPhone Cable USB for connecting the iPhone to the iTunes. This way is almost same like sending a picture from iPhone to the Mac. And here is the way:

  • Connecting the iPhone to the computer, then run out the iTunes.
  • Choose the device by click the iPhone icon or iPad.
  • On the Settings Menu choose the Apps.

3. Removing the Application or the Data via Settings Menu

You might use the sub storage menu, Settings-Storage & iCloud, Usage-Manage Storage for removing the Application on iPhone and iPad. It also will help you for knowing how big application data that has been installed on iOS devices. You just need to search the application that you want to uninstall then choose Delete App.

4. Removing all the application by using Restore on iTunes

In generally, this way are using for the people whose wanna uninstall the iPhone with the new iOS or to the last version (downgrade). And the opposite, this way didn’t suggest to those who wanna uninstall the application. Why? Because you will need the IPSW iOS file. And in another side, you have to prepare the computer and the USB Cable for connecting the iPhone to the iTunes, then click the Restore iPhone icon.

5. Removing the iPhone Application and the Data by using Reset Menu

If you use this way, not only the application that you intend to remove that you’ll lose, but you’ll get lose the music data, the video, the contact, the calendar and etc. You can enter yo the SettingsGeneralReset – and choose Erase All Content and Settings. Then, choose Erase iPhone.