How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Android Phone

In a part of this world, almost all the people using the WhatsApp app. As we have known that this appabsolutely being more popular around us. Besides, even it’s light, this app has been covering too many platforms and now the services inside more complete. Not only for sending the text message, the picture and the voice note, moreover we can also use this application for the voice calls. And now, WhatsApp has some ways to use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android phone.

These ways hopefully can help you to separate, which WhatsApp that especially for contact your family and your best, and which WhatsApp that you use for your own work without bringing many smartphones. You can imagine how disturbed it when you were on a holiday or for a long weekend, but suddenly there is the notification from your phone about your work.

How to Install Two WhatsApp on One Android Phone

Actually, there are many apps that you can use for 2 WhatsApp number on 1 Android, such as the OG WhatsApp and the WhatsApp Plus. Meanwhile, because of the high security of the WhatsApp app, it makes there are many problems happens. The cliches problem that usually happen is finished validity period of WhatsApp application that uses. As you know that WhatsApp charges an annual fee in a year or maybe the failed installation because of the first installation application.

How to Use Two WhatsApp Accounts on One Android By Disa App

The Disa app will make you could install and use two WhatsApp accounts on one Android smartphone. Because the other application always be completed with the complicated way and the problem while you install the application.

The Disa application can be used for combining many kinds of message that entrance into one place and also support the functional of using the two WhatsApp accounts in one Android phone. And here is the way by using Disa application

– After it has been installed, open the Disa. Keep swipe to skip the tutorial side, then agree on the Term of Service.

– Choose the Add Service. Choose the Plugin Manager then choose WhatsApp.

– Wait for a second until the plugin installation finished. l then restart the Disa app.

– After the restart, you will see the WhatsApp Setting Needed display. Click that link, then Skip after the WhatsApp Setup Wizard word appear. We can ignore it because we will use another number for the second WhatsApp account.

– Enter your name and number, the choose Next. If there is the 510 and the 010, just ignore it. Wait for the verification Short Message Server (SMS) and confirm it. Finish.

– Finish. You can begin to use 2 WhatsApp number in 1 Phone.

– Choose the setting button if you wanna set up the next setting, choose 3 points on the WhatsApp plugin side to exchange another.

– You can also click on the Plugin WhatsApp name if you wanna set your WhatsApp Profile. Moreover, you can also block some number by using Disa Application.

Don’t worry if the license getting finished like using the OGWhatsApp or the other app that always fail when install. And it available on the Google Play Store.


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