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Best Tank Heroes

ML which is known as mobile legends has been a very popular game played by all people globally. Even, there is a competition where people around the world gather and create a team and compete with each other. As a newbie, you must know what kind of best tank heroes in mobile legends as for important information to guide you. There are many tank heroes available in ML. however, not all heroes match your style or purpose. Today, we are going to discuss the best tank in ML 2019. What are they? Let’s check it out below!

List of Best Tank Heroes in Mobile Legend 2019

Everyone wishes that even though they are a newbie, they could play the game well, right? By the way, if you want to make it comes true, you need to read some guides before. Here is a guide of best tank heroes in mobile legends for you to read!

1. Johnson

Believe it or not, Johnson is the real powerful mobile legend’s tank exists. He becomes the first favorite hero in MLBB best tank 2019 for some professional gamers. He used to be unpopular because his skill was not good. Yet, now, he has been upgraded to have strong skills and power. He even gains 46% to 56% of winning rate and 0.32% to 2.9% for popularity. Also, for an emergency condition, he could turn himself to be a race car. You, then, must be careful if your competitor uses this tank hero. Do not underestimate Johnson. With his ultimate skills, he can make you open the clash and win the game.

2. Grock

Grock becomes one of mobile legends best tank hero 2019. He is the second hero that becomes very powerful even from the start of the game. People mostly know this hero as the giant Grock rock. Every person has already known how strong Grock is to be a tank. He can defense both in early games and the very late game. Most of the professional noobs use Grock as a tank hero in a frontline ground. He could turn himself to be more tight and tanky when Grock in a passive Ancestral Gift skill. Therefore, if you are aggressive to attack your hero’s competitor, you must choose Grock. Also, he is strong enough to unlock the opponent’s defense. Usually, the player will use some skills to break the opponent’s massive defense.

3. Hilda


Most of the girls will use Hilda to be their tank heroes due to their beautiful look. However, do not get cheated by her appearance because Hilda is number three powerful tank. She is categorized as the best fighter in mobile legends 2019. She is a flexible tank hero. The hero could be as a roamer at the early game. Yet, you may turn her to be as a jungler to catch a gear to clash at the late game. Hilda is an overpowered hero. She is too strong as for a tank hero. That is because of her passive skills could give an additional shield effect.

With it, Hilda could absorb the opponent’s damage by 10 percent of HP (horsepower) in every 10 seconds. What makes you surprised is that this tank hero has great regeneration ability even when her HP is around 30 percent. To activate her passive skills, you need to get into the bushes.

4. Akai

Well, Akai is one of best tank mobile legends 2019 exist in ML game. He looks like a cartoon character on Kung Fu Panda. This hero is from China. He may look super funny with his appearance but once he enters the game, he becomes very powerful. He possesses many skills like Tai Chi’s passive. With his Tai Chi passive skill, he could provide strong damage as Hilda did. He may also defense with only 8 percent of his total HP. However, you must learn to use to play this hero first. Same as other powerful heroes, you may use Akai to unlock clash by using his Thousand Pound skill. His Hurricane Dance skill is also useful for you to guarantee from other heroes’ attack.

5. Tigreal


This hero is number 5 top tank heroes. Tigreal is more known as the knight land of dawn is worth to play. He matches well as for a newbie because he is easy to play with his familiar skills and builds. Yet, they must also still be useful to attack the competitors. He is the coolest hero for the beginner. With his Tigreal passive skill called Fearless, he may reduce the critical damage from his opponents or the marksman. If you may use his skills, you could win the game!

6. Kaja

Kaja has been nominated as one of the best tanks in mobile legends 2018. Even until now, several gamers still use Kaja as their tank hero to play the game. This tank hero is unique. This is because it forms a half-bird and a half-human. Kaja has a special skill. It can draw and lead the opponents to further from their own flock. Also, it can kidnap one hero, change him/her into its ally with his battle spell flicker.

7. Minotaur

If Kaja looks like a half-bird, Minotaur seems like a bull hero. It has some definite skills which allow jumping, healing, or hitting its opponents when it is in its rage mode. Minotaur comes in two modes which you may change and use easily. If other heroes are as good as the attackers, Minotaur is suitable for defense. Even though, it is also a good attacker. With the right damage, it can mess its opponents’ defense.

8. Gatot Kaca

Gatotkaca is a famous hero from Indonesia. He comes with Blast Iron Fist skill which may provide the additional slow effects in his surrounding area. This skill must be useful for him to attack his opponents while they are in a slow mode. For your information, Gatotkaca has a win rate of 53.27 percent.

9. Belerick

This hero is a super bulky type or hero. With his additional 30% of HP, he could brutally attack his enemy. Once Belerick is equipped with Sky Guardian Helmet, you will definitely win the game because he can hardly die. If you look for the best hero in mobile legends 2019, you may think about choosing Belerick!

10. Lolita

Lolita is one of the underrated tank heroes. She looks cute and small but has great skills. It includes Noumenon Energy Core, Guardian’s Bulwark, Charge, and Noumenon Blast. These four skills even become more effective with its emblem set. Even though Lolita is strong, the gamers rarely use her. That is because they still do not know mobile legend tank tips for playing Lolita.

Actually, there are still many best tank heroes in mobile legends characters which have not been mentioned above. Of course, we could discuss it on other occasions. Finally, when you are about to choose one tank heroes, it is wise to select the one that makes you feel comfy.

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