Lolita Hero Guide Mobile Legends – The Best Tank to Stun Any Enemies

Lolita Hero Guide

Many pro players categorize Lolita as the best tank Mobile Legends. It is rational since she has a special ability to make a crowd control to the enemy heroes and force them to be stunned. If you want to master this hero, you need a Lolita hero guide Mobile Legends and learn everything about her. Thus, your gameplay will go better and better. In this good opportunity, let’s recognize this hero further by seeing her superiorities and all of her skills.

The Unbelievable Superiorities of This Hero According to Lolita Hero Guide Mobile Legends

Before you start playing with Lolita, it is necessary to know her superiorities first. Thus, you can use her optimally. What are her superiorities? Take a good look at the explanation below to know the answer.

1. Can be a solid supporting tank

This hero is a tank that will support so much to every hero in your team. With her passive skill and second skill, she can do the great action to cover all the heroes of your team.

2. Have an incredible ultimate skill

Every ultimate skill a hero has will give the biggest impact in the game, including Lolita. Her skill can change the condition in the team fight. The ultimate skill of this hero can stun enemies in a wide area. When the enemy heroes gather in a small spot, all of them will get a stunning area and cannot do anything. Thus, your team will be easier to kill all of them.

3. Can survive long

This hero has high hit points. Besides, her HP will regenerate every time. It makes the hero survive longer and is good to go to the front line of your team.

The Skills to Know from Lolita Tanker

After knowing her superiorities, then you should learn Lolita’s skills. Let’s check them out below in Lolita Hero Guide

1. Passive skill

Lolita will get a shield when she gets no attack from the enemy in 5 seconds. This shield will take 300(+40 Hero Level) points of damage. This condition will last in 20 seconds. Besides, all heroes of your team that stay near Lolita will also get that shield.

2. Skill 1

When you cast this skill, she will dash to the designed location. After that, when she hit an enemy, her basic attack will deal damage and make the enemy stunned.

3. Skill 2

With this skill, this hero will raise her shield. It will block all the basic attacks and projectile that come to her and all the friends behind her. After that, this skill can be used again to make Lolita cast an energy blast to the designed direction. This blast will give damage to the enemies that get hit by this skill.

4. Skill 3 or Ultimate skill

Let’s see the last skill to know from the Lolita hero guide Mobile Legends. Well, this skill lets this hero cast a fan-shaped area to deal damage and slow down, and stun the enemies’ movement. This skill needs the right charging period to cast it perfectly. While charging, this skill will slow down the enemies. If she cast this skill in the maximum charge, it will stun them.

To maximize the role of this hero, you need to have much understanding of her. So, a part of Lolita hero guide Mobile Legends explained above can hopefully help you to understand more about this incredible tank.

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