Belerick Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Strong Tank to Absorb Damage

Belerick Hero Guide

Belerick is the true damage absorber that can help your team to win a team fight. He can absorb the damage received by the teammate to him. Thus, he can avoid the hero of the teammate from being killed easily. To optimize his role, you need to know Belerick hero guide in Mobile Legends. So, with the right play, emblem choice, and build items, you can support your team to play easier to win the match. Make sure you learn the guide of mobile legends Belerick below.

Get the Best Emblem Choice with Belerick Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

The emblem is one of the most important matters to consider while playing mobile legends. It can give additional power of attack or defense based on the choice. For Belerick, you can choose the one that supports a defensive talent. So, here are emblems that are suitable for him.

1. Custom tank

Since his role is a tank, to use custom tank emblem can be the first choice for you. In this custom, use Vitality and Fortress to give additional hit points and armor to him. Besides, you can choose the Tenacity talent to increase his physical and magical defense. If you want Belerick to always get mana regeneration, you can choose the Brave Smite talent.

2. Custom support

Based on the hero Belerick in Mobile Legends, the Custom Support is suitable to use for this hero. It can be so since the attribute and talent which is available on this emblem can support Belerick’s role. If you like to use this custom, you can use Vitality and Recovery. It will give an additional hit point and HP/mana regeneration.

For the first talent to choose from this emblem is Focusing on Mark. It can make the enemy hero attacked by Belerick get bigger damage from the team. The second taLent to choose is Pull Yourself Together. It can reduce the cooldown of the battle spell. Besides, it can help this hero to come back faster after being killed.

Best Build for Belerick

When you learn Belerick Mobile Legends guide, you certainly want to know his best build, right? Therefore, let’s see the best items to purchase when you play with him.

1. Rapid Boots

This item is the best boots to make this hero move faster. It is suitable to support Belerick to roam from one lane to another lane quickly.

2. Thunder Belt

The second core item to buy is Thunder Belt. It will give additional defense and mana regeneration. Besides, it will increase the true damage to him.

3. Antique Cuirass

This item is very good to give a defensive bonus to Belerick. It will also reduce enemies’ attacks every time they attack this hero.

4. Athena’s Shield

To have this item is a must for a tank. It gives a very high hit point bonus and magic resistance.

5. Sky Guardian Helmet

This item will give a huge hit point bonus and HP regeneration. Thus, it will make Belerick survive very long on the battlefield.

6. Immortality

It is the most important item for the tank, especially in the late game. It gives additional magic defense and makes this hero revive after being killed.

Considering that to increase the gameplay needs a guide, you need to find it. With this Belerick hero guide in Mobile Legends, hopefully, you can get better hero mastery and improve your gameplay. Don’t forget to also practice more.

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