Tigreal Hero Guide in Mobile Legends-Tutorial, Tips, And Trick

Tigreal Hero Guide, Tigreal Hero

At the first time, Tigreal is one of the best heroes on Mobile Legend. But since the ultimate skill of this hero over nerf. This hero almost forgotten and often to find on a ranked mode, and his position is changed with Akai, Grock, and the Johnson that nowadays rework. Even Tigreal as great as before, but Tigreal is still the best tank because the strong defense and the crowd control effect skill. Tigreal comes as the great initiator and with a high defense , even it is from the physical or the magic. By his crowd control skill. He could give a slow effect, knock back, and the stunned area. Moreover, he could be the front line on your team. Here are Tigreal hero guide in Mobile Legends, check it out:

Tigreal Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

Tigreal is one of hero with the best CC Bulk Skill that this hero can dominate the team fight situation because his crowd control skill could kill all the enemies hero at once, or if we combine the CC Tigreal skill with the other hero skill or with the battle spell, so that there are many new combine spaces that can be played on a team. This hero also can be the most needed support to accompany carry, by the skill that he have, he can be the effective support machine. Let’s learn the weakness and superiority in Tigreal hero guide Mobile Legends.

The Weakness Of Tigreal Hero

The Superiority Of Tigreal Hero

The Suitable Battle Spell For The Tigreal Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

For the extra crowd control, this spell is so good for team fight. So that it will give many spaces for our team to attack. Besides that we can also give a longer stun if we combine it with the ultimate skill or the skill 2.

To escape on a complicated event and attack or engage the enemy suddenly. This spell will more useful to be combined with the skill 2 and the skill 3 of the Tigreal hero. But many peoples are prefer to use the Petrify.
The emblem that we can use is the Tank Emblem.

Tigreal Hero will look so cool to fight these heroes:
Tigreal Hero will look weak to fight these heroes:
The Flicker Combination Skill:

Actually, there are 2 combination usages of flicker skills those are:

The first way is not too effective since the Trigeal ultimate in a nerf. If before we can lush the enemy, but right now that ultimate skill will pull and stun the enemy around you without any delay, so that it can not be canceled by the enemy. But since there’s a delay on a skill 3, the enemy is easy to escape or run out skill CC skill to cancel our ultimate skill. So use this combo if your enemy has been finished theor CC skill and we believe that the enemy can not escape at all.

The most safest and effective way is using this method so that by using the Flicker to get closer. We can directly run out the skill 2 to pull and throw the enemy to the sky at once (the knock the airbone). So they don’t have any time into escape or run out the skill and we can launch the next ultimate skill after that.

The Build Item Tips Of Tigreal Hero in Mobile Legends

And now I will show you about the build tips of this hero in Tigreal hero guide Mobile Legends. Check it out:

Note Or Some Tips and Trick For The Tigreal Hero Guide in Mobile Legends:

So guys those are Tigreal hero guide in Mobile Legends and so many else about the Trigeal Hero in Mobile Legends. Perhaps, it’s gonna useful for you all. Good luck and have a nice trying.

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