Kaja Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Great Ways to Win the Game

Kaja Hero Guide

Welcome to Kaja hero guide in mobile legends! What is Kaja? You need to know that Kaja is a different tank with the damage that is higher. However, the armor and health points are very low if it is compared to the other tanks. Then, you are suggested not to buy Kaja to be played as the main tank because he is too tricky. Well, in this following information, you will know more about Kaja mobile legends 2019.

4 Skills of Kaja Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

You have to know that Kaja hero guide in Mobile Legends has four great skills. Are you curious about them? If it is so, just follows these skills below!

1. Eye of the storm

This kind of skill is included in passive skills. When using this skill, Kaja gets 50% of the movement speed. He is like that when he is attacked by the enemy heroes. Furthermore, the speed of this movement increases the decays over 1 second. And even, it can be moved once every 5 seconds.

2. Ring of order

In this case, Kaja Hero Guide in Mobile Legends launches an electricity ring that extends fast until reaching the limits and returns to his body. Then, he fires a lightning bolt when the ring hits the enemy unit. Besides, he also deals with 140 magical damages per second to the nearest enemy target.

3. Gale force

What about this skill of the Kaja hero guide? He charges in a specified direction and deals with 260(+0) magical damage to the enemies. You have to know that Kaja will make a quick dash using this kind of skill. It means that you hit an ally and you will offer a small shield for him.

4. Divine Judgement

The last kind of Kaja’s skill is named Divine Judgement. With this skill, Kaja disables and pulls in the enemy hero for 2 seconds. Besides, he also deals 360(+0) magical damage and steals 15 Armor and 10 Magic Resistance. In this case, Kaja gets 2 times the stolen Armor and Magic Resistance. Moreover, you can use this skill in the battle spell flicker combo. The players usually use it to drag the opponent further and the allies nearer.

Tips to Play Kaja in Mobile Legends

The mobile legends’ players need to know the tips of how to play Kaja. There are five tips that you can try. Just follow these tips below well!

1. Using the ability of Kaja’s ultimate

The first tip that you should do is that you can use the ability of Kaja’s ultimate in the combo. It is completed with the battle spell Flicker. It can be used to pull the enemies further.

2. Can maintain a lane

You are allowed to maintain a lane alone easily. However, please remember that your damage will not be enough to kill the enemy alone.

3. Using the ultimate ability

It means that you can use that ability to pull out the enemies of marksmen or mages.

4. Using the first ability of Kaja

Don’t forget to use Kaja’s first ability because it can help you to slow down the enemy.

5. Remember that you are not a tank

Why can it be like that? Yea, you are forbidden to try on tanking all the damage for your teammates.

That’s all the information about Kaja hero guide in mobile legends. You can know the skills and the ways to play it. Have a nice try!

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