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Grock Hero Guide

Are you Mobile Legends Lovers? If so, you will need a role tank for your team or your squad. It will protect your main hero that has big damage to destroy or kill enemies. In this matter, you need to recognize the Grock hero guide in Mobile Legends well. This hero is one of the most-liked heroes to use in the ranked mode. Many pro players use this hero in the Legend or Mythic. Considering how important this hero, you need to know how to play Grock well. Thus, you can increase your skill to play with this hero little by little.

Skills of Grock Hero Guide in Mobile Legends You Need to Recognize

When you want to use Grock like pro players, first you need to recognize his skills. Hence, you can play with him appropriately. There are passive skills and also three skills to use on the battlefield. What are they? Follow the explanation of Grock hero guide in Mobile Legends below to know them more.

1. Passive skill – Ancestral Gift

When Grock stands up near walls or a turret, his movement will increase by 10%. Then, his physical and magical defense and hit point regeneration will increase 15(+8*hero level). The effect of Ancestral Gift rise with his level.

2. Skill 1 – Power of nature

With this skill, Grock MLBB will raise his weapon to sweep the enemies near him. It deals 300(+40% extra physical ATK) points of physical damage. This action will also slow down enemies by 60%. This skill lasts in 2 seconds and the damage scales come with the charge time. Remember; try to always keep Grock staying near a wall when you cast this skill. It will make this hero immune to crowd control effects.

3. SKILL 2 – Guardian’s Barrier

When you use this skill, Grock will release a shockwave towards the designated location. It deals 300(+50% total physical ATK) points of physical damage. Then, after releasing the shockwave, it will become a stone wall that will block enemies for 5 seconds. It is useful to prevent your team from enemies chase.

4. Ultimate Skill – Wild Charge

This skill will make Grock charge forward. When it happens, it deals 300(+50% total physical ATK) points of physical damage to the enemies stand on the path. While hitting a wall or turret, it allows him to deal 600+150% total physical ATK) points of physical damage to an enemy. This condition will also reduce the cool down of this ultimate skill by 30%.

Equipment Needed by Grock

Besides knowing his skills, it is also important to recognize the Grock equipment. Thus, the role of this hero will be optimal in the battle.

1. Boots of Tranquility

This equipment will be useful to regenerate his hit point and mana. Thus, Grock will get a new hit point every second and get mana regeneration to cast his skills.

2. Blade Armor

Blade Armor will regenerate 25% damage he gets to become a physical attack for the attackers.

3. Dominance Ice

It will give additional mana and make enemies get a 5% slow effect after Grock release his weapon.

4. Immortality

This equipment is very important, especially in the late game. It will give Grock a second chance to survive after being killed. When he survives, he will get 15% HP and shield that can absorb 300 to 1000 damage.

5. Demon’s Advent

It will reduce 18% attack power from the enemies in two seconds. With this equipment, Grock can survive longer and is not easy to shut down.

6. Bloodthirsty King

This equipment gives Grock 1550 additional HP. Thus, he will be as durable in the battle as the initiator at the front.

Well, that is all about Grock hero guide in Mobile Legends you can learn. Don’t forget to practice more in order to increase your skill using this hero.

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