Akai Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Whip and Throw Your Enemy

Akai hero guide

The player who ever played this hero will imagine it through watching Kungfu Panda. Akai itself is The Tank’s Hero which often enough to show off on the professional competition in Mobile Legends game along with Grock and Lolita. Akai has a high power and his skills worth to be used fot protecting another team. And screwed up enemies formation at once. If Akai has begun to rotate his bamboo beside the enemies hero, he can survive with his own way. Akai’s Hero just remade with the newest model, skin, and play style. His gun right now is not only a big stone but has been exchanged to be whip and a little cute frog. Fortunately, Akai’s ultimate skill is still rotate seems like a tornado but it is rotate like dancing. Let’s follow me to know Akai hero guide more in mobile legends.

Akai Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

To optimize the usage of Akai Hero in Mobile Legends game, you can upgrade the guide of Akai Hero in Mobile legends.

The Background of Akai Hero

Even a careless panda also has a dream. From a far village in the east, there were many pandas that most of them enjoy their life in a comfortable place. There was Akai, one of panda who loved to roll over and want to be a fighter. Even his parents asked him to lose his dream and all of his friends are moking at him. He never gives up. He always practices all days and night to become a strength one. Unexpectedly, he makes an intention to the monk who was crossing near him.

On monk under control, Akai practice again and again till he succeeds to master the whip and hoping that it will be useful to fight in a big war world later and this is the right time for Akai to bright.
The Skill Of Akai Hero in Mobile Legends

1. Passive Skill of Akai: Tai Chi

Every time spell is spread out, Akai hero will receive shield upwards from his maximum Health Point and block 8 Damage which received on 2 seconds but it works only for 2.5 seconds.

2. Skill 1 of Akai: The Thousand Pounder

Next skill of akai hero guide is the thousand pounder. Akai hero could jump to the Target area by giving 300 Physical Damage to his enemy after he landed. The Target that located on a certain area will get the stun in a second.

3. Skill 2 of Akai: The Blender

Adding Shock Wave with a frog shape to the enemy, the Shock Wave will explode if it touched with the enemy or reach the maximum limit and it also could give 350 points of Physical Damage and will tag the enemy.

The basic attack which owned by tagged enemy will give an addition for 5% from the Health Point (HP) maximum of Akai hero as the Physical Damage.

4. The Ultimate Skill of Akai: The Hurricane Dance

Rotating like a tornado on 3.5 seconds and start to hit the target. In every rotation, it will make the enemy bounce off and give a Magic Damage. During this process, Akai hero will be getting invulnerable with slow down effect and use this ability will remove all negative effect from this Hero. His Movement Speed will increase as much as point which produced during the Skill running.

The Tips of Using Akai Hero in Mobile Legends

Continue to next topic of Akai hero guide about tips using Akai hero. Even he looks fat, but Akai hero is an agile Tank hero it is caused by he has 2 powerful skills. First, is skill 1 that is Thousand Pounder that he will directly jump to his enemy. And the second one is skill 2 that is Blender that you can direct it manually. You are also have to make use of tower as well as possible to kill the enemy, jump with the skill 1 on the backside of the enemy. Then put off the ultimate skill and push the enemy to our tower, kill them by whipping on skill 2.

For the Battle Spells of Akai itself, you can use Assault or Flicker. You can make a target attack to the Marksman or Mage hero, then always use Skill 1 to jump right backside of the enemy and blast off those combinations.
On 5 minutes in the early game, don’t let you die and keep focusing to get much more gold by killing the minion or the monster in a jungle then you can buy enough item.

The Build Item Of Akai Hero in Mobile Legends

Next topic of Akai hero guide is the Build item of Akai hero divided into many parts, but these are the best one:

1. The Antique Crash

It will give an addition to the Health Point (HP) and armour to Akai hero. Also decrease the physical damage of hero enemy who attacks him.

2. The Rapid Boots

Seems like the name, it will give a lot of movement speed addition for Akai. With this boots, it will ease Akai to run his enemy and escape from a dangerous.

3. The Dominance Ice

It will make Akai hero existences will mess up enemies team fight by using his inner passive skill. Besides cool down reduction that he needs, armour addition and decreasing critical damage also will make Akai threatening enemies hero which rely on the critical of Physical Damage.

4. The Athena’s Shield

It will give a Healthy Point addition and Magic Resistance for Akai hero and it also will give a shield to protect on every second.

5. The Sky Guardian Helmet

It will add the biggest Health Point. Besides that, a passive skill form this item will make a regeneration of Health Point which faster and out of the competition.

6. The Immortality

This item will make the enemy get confused how to kill Akai cause basically Akai will reborn and directly jump and run from escape. Even he will directly turn on his ultimate and broke up his enemy.

Those are Akai hero guide in mobile legends that you need to know it before you use this hero in mobile legends. Thanks for coming to my blog and please share this article and like or follow our social media.

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