Minotaur Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – To Knock up Enemies

Minotaur Hero Guide

Minotaur is one of the most favorite heroes to pick in the ranked mode. It happens from the low until the higher-ranked mode like a legend and mythic. It can be so since this hero has a big effect on the team to disable many enemy heroes. So, if you want to be pro Minotaur, this Minotaur hero guide in Mobile Legends can be the right reference for you. Moreover, this hero has a role as a tank or support. His specialty is to give crowd control to the enemies. So, it is the right hero to initiate an attack.

The Superiorities You Can Learn from Minotaur Hero Guide in Mobile Legends

To master this hero well, you need to recognize his superiorities. So, what are they? Are they strong enough to help your team win the war? To answer those questions, let’s see the explanation of Minotaur’s superiorities below.

1. Have a healing skill

From some tanks in Mobile Legends, Minotaur is one of the best heroes to receive any damages from the enemy. Although his hit point goes down every time he is attacked, he can regenerate it with his second skill. So, he does not need to come to the base to regenerate it.

2. Do not need mana

The second superiority of this hero is to be able to cast skills without mana. So, he does not need to buy an item that supports mana regeneration. In this condition, it is beneficial for him to buy another item that focuses on defense more.

3. Strong ultimate skill

Every ultimate skill of all heroes in mobile legends can give the most powerful effect. However, based on this Minotaur hero guide, his ultimate skill is the most annoying one. It can knock up all enemies in a few seconds in the wide area. This condition makes the enemies not have time to give a counter-attack. Thus, the damage dealer hero of your team can shut them all down easily.

Best Build for Minotaur Hero

When you want to make him so strong as a tank, you need to support his ability with the right items. Here they are.

1. Warrior Boots

This item is very suitable for him. Besides increasing his movement speed, it will also give a physical defense bonus to him.

2. Cursed Helmet

This item will give additional high hit points to this hero that will make them stronger to receive damage. Also, it will give a magic RES bonus to him.

3. Oracle

Similar to Cursed Helmet, this item will give an additional hit point and magic RES bonus. However, it also gives hit point regeneration and the cooldown reduction of his skill.

4. Immortality

While discussing this hero, Minotaur hero guide will focus on the tank build. Yes, Immortality is one of some important items that should be purchased while playing with Minotaur. Like other defensive items, it will give an additional hit point. Besides, it also gives additional magic RES and can make him revive once after being killed.

5. Courage Bulwark

Courage Bulwark is good to reduce the cooldown reduction of his skill. It also adds his hit point after you purchase it.

6. Sky Guardian Helmet

This is the last item you should buy while playing with Minotaur. It gives him a significantly additional hit point and makes him get HP regeneration every time.

Well, that is all about Minotaur hero guide in Mobile Legends you can learn. Don’t forget to practice more after recognizing his superiorities and best build to increase your gameplay.

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