Wanwan Hero Guide on Mobile Legends – What You Should Know

Wanwan Hero Guide

Wanwan hero guide information is already provided to help you master the game. This new hero is a marksman oriental it means this hero just like Miya and Hannabi. This hero can be deadly because it has high damage and strong mobility. This is what makes many people looking for Mobile Legends WanWan guide across the internet. This hero seems to have difficulties to use because of its skills. But actually, you can easily master it if you know the key to master it. Let’s start following the guide to help you play this hero.

Item Build Wanwan Hero Guide

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The first important to master this hero is by knowing the item that you need to set when you play. The Wanwan hero guide will on the item will help maximize the damage so you can get benefit from the passive skill and other three skills, mainly the ultimate.

WanWan is a flexible marksman which means you can use the build that has basic on critical, attack speed and CDR. But remembers that attack speed is the priority to help the passive skills.

Although the attack speed build is ideal, you need to remember that the way you play will affect the items. If you know well how to play, you may focus on the critical and just use some attack speed. You can create an experiment based on your play style.

Emblems and Spells

The next Wanwan hero guide is about the emblem. The emblem is an important part that you need to pay attention because it affects the way you choose the item and how you play the hero. Wanwan is suitable for Assassin or Marksman emblem. Since it will affect your item, make sure you focus on attack speed items if you use the Assassin emblem. But if you already use Marksman emblem, you may add the critical item to add the damage.

While for the spell, you may try as your need by seeing your item and the game play you want to do. Use Flickr if you want to play safe and more into defense. If Flickr seems not suitable, try Retribution, Inspire and Aegis. Just make sure you know the skills to choose the right spell.


Knowing skills will help you use to master the hero. By knowing the Mobile Legends WanWan guide about the skill, you may set your trick that suitable for your style. Here’s the list of skills of Wanwan.

1. The passive skill of Wanwan is called Tiger Pace. Through this skill, Wanwan will throw Sleeve Darts to the enemy. Each hit will give the damage 2,5% from the enemy’s HP and it will increase the damage by 30% for 6 seconds. To use the Tiger Pace optimally, you should attack the enemy using this strategy: keep attacking in by four sides, they are the front, back, right and left.

2. Swallow Path is the first skill of Wanwan. It will help you to do a poke towards the enemy. This skill is suitable if you want to open the war or run towards the enemy.
3. The second skill is called Needles in the flower which helps you to be able to blink. With this skill, all the CC effects will be removed and it will explode with high damage to the nearby enemy.

4. The latest skill on this Wanwan hero guide is the third skill of the ultimate which called Crossbow Tang. With this skill, Wanwan will be able to fly on the air and use the Crossbow Tang for 3 seconds. Lucky that in this ultimate skill, the hero will be invisible so it can’t be disturbed.

Game Play

Although it is just like the usual marksman, there are some tricks to play this hero. In the early game, make sure to farm and take the buff. While in the mid-game you may see the situation. You may stay back or open the war depends on your item. In the late game, make sure you stay back and don’t play the too rush. Remember to aware of the Assassin enemies and play as support

That’s the Wanwan hero guide for Mobile Legends. By keep practicing, you can easily master this hero.