Create Apple Developer Account – Two Easy Tutorials that You Can Do

Are you one of the users of the iPhone or iPad? If it is so, do you want to run the apps of your iOS? To do it, you need to create apple developer account. In this case, you may use the Apple ID to run and install the apps on your iPhone. Besides, you should also do the apple developer program enrollment to get it. Here, it will be available for you two kinds of tutorials that you can use. To know it more, let’s check one by one in detail!

9 Tutorials to Create Apple Developer Account

When you want to create this paid account, you can follow these simple tutorials below. So, here they are.

1. Open the Apple Developer page

The first step that you have to do on how to get apple developer account is opening the page of Apple Developer. So, you can log in using your Apple ID.

2. Open the program enrollment

Then, the second step that you should follow is opening the program enrollment. It means that the Apple Developer Program Enrollment.

3. Follow the requirements

The next step is that follow the requirements that are needed. Actually, this step is just to enroll in an individual account. Thus, the things that are required are like a debit or credit card and an identity card. For the second card, it can be a citizen identity card, driving license, or passport.

4. Complete the information

To register apple developer account, you should complete all of the information that is required. They are like complete name, address, phone number, and also debit card or credit card. Please make sure that all of them are complete and correct!

5. The process will appear

After finishing the previous step, you will see that the process of the order will proceed as soon as possible. On the screen, there is the notification that you have done it. It will show the order details that cover the item, payment information, and member information.

6. Be verified by Apple

Uniquely, Apple will not process the order directly. Besides, it also will not pay directly. However, it must be verified by Apple first. Hence, please don’t worry! It is because it will not be accounted for directly.

7. Upload the identity card

After that, you need to upload your identity card to get a process of verification. It should be like that if Apple requires to upload it.

8. Get an email

What does it mean? Yea, it means that you will get a notification from an email that tells the enrollment of the Apple Developer Program is successful. So, in this step to create apple developer account, you will find a notice. It tells that if the order is agreed, the bill will appear in your credit or debit card.

9. Upload the application

This last tutorial will show that you can upload the application to the App Store. In addition, you can also enjoy all of the better benefits than free Apple Developer account generally.

11 Other Steps to Create Apple Developer Account

You have to recognize that there are 11 other steps to create this account. Are you curious about the steps? Don’t worry! They will be available for you.

1. Visit the website

In this case, you have to go to the website of Apple’s developer. Then, you are allowed to create an Apple ID. It may happen if you do not have it. It can be done by clicking on the “Create yours now”. So, you can log in with your Apple ID. Besides, you need also to set up the two-factor authentication for your account.

2. Click Join the Apple Developer Program

After login with the Apple ID, what can you do? You will find the link that is titled “Join the Apple Developer Program”. Just click it! By clicking it, you will know more about the developer program. After that, you should click the button of “Enroll” to find two different account types, account for individual and organization. Then, if you have thought about the account type that you want to use, you should click the icon of “Start your enrollment”.

3. Make a confirmation

The next step to make apple developer account is confirming that all of the information is correct. It covers the name, email address, and location of the country. Thus, you can choose the account type that you are enrolling in. If your app will be built for you, you should enroll as an individual. However, if it is built for your organization or company, you need to enroll as a company or organization.

4. Enter the contact information

Then, you will be asked about your contact information. It contains the legal name, phone number, address line, city, state, postal code, and country. After it is complete, you will be asked about the agreement of the Apple developer account. So, please check the confirming in the checkbox and click Continue.

5. Verify the account information

In this step, you will be asked to verify your account information. Then, click the icon of Continue.

6. Enable the automatic renewal

Here, you will know the enrollment fee and the option to enable the automatic renewal. What can you do in this step to create new apple developer account? If you want to enable it, just check the box and then click the icon of Purchase. Actually, this icon can be used to move into paying for the developer account. Thus, this step is optional because you can disable the automatic renewal.

7. Sign in with the Apple ID

It comes to the step to sign in with your Apple ID. To do it, don’t forget to enter your password too! In addition, on this page, you will also know about the use of your Apple ID for other Apple services. It can be App Store, iTunes Store, iPhoto Print Products, and iCloud.

8. Fill in the billing information

This step allows you to fill in your billing information that includes the billing cost, billing address, and payment method. After that, you can click the icon of Continue to finalize the payment.

9. Fill out the rest of the information

On the proceeding screen, Apple will send an email that shows the confirmation. It tells that the Apple Developer Account has been created successfully. The notification on an email is usually within 24 hours.

10. Upgrade the planning system

After creating the Apple Developer Account and completing the enrollment program, what can you do? You should go back to the system to upgrade the app to one of the paid plans.

11. Enter the app’s details

In this last step to create apple developer account, you have to go to the Settings in the App Dashboard. So, you can click the icon of Publishing Info and fill out the information of the Apple Specific.

Well, that’s all about the information of the tutorials to create apple developer account step by step. Apply it well!