Follow This Among Us Beginner Guide before Playing

Among Us beginner guide

Currently, there are many Among Us beginner guide that have been circulating on the internet. This happens because many players want to find ways to make it easy to win in each round. Maybe you also have your own tricks or strategy that can make you win every round in any role. To put it simply, Among Us is a game like a werewolf. So, there are mechanisms like humans and wolves, and we have to find a wolf among one of the players. Uniquely, Among Us is not that simple. With the theme of outer space, the gameplay that is presented is also different.

When playing, you will be given one of two job options, namely Crewmates and Impostor. Crewmates have a goal to run, operate the aircraft and find out who the Impostors are among the characters present. As for Impostors, your job is to be the most important impostor or killer in this game. Impostors will kill their own colleagues or sabotage their duties.

Stacking Trick in the Among Us Beginner Guide

Among Us beginner guide

This stacking strategy is widely used by Among Us players because it is effective in outwitting the opposing party. How to do this strategy is very easy, but requires coordination or communication with your other friends.  You only need to stay in one location and invite some of your friends to stand in the same place. As a result, your friends will pile up right behind you without being seen at all. When the impostor kills in your pile, your friend can report your corpse and tell you who killed it. Now, if you play as an impostor, you can enter a pile and kill someone without getting caught. When reported, the players who became suspects were the people in the pile.

Kills Where Other Players Don’t Often Go To

As an impostor, you must follow Among Us beginner guide which is being able to kill without being caught by other players. With this one trick, you can kill without knowing where the corpse is. However, this method can only be done if you can lure your opponent to these certain places. This strategy can also be done on any map. Places that players rarely go to are hiding places like the previous Among Us tricks.

In addition, there are also locations such as the space ship area and the Polus specimen space, and the water tap area in the left corner of the skeld map. Following the Among Us beginner guide, if you kill in these places, you have plenty of time to escape because other players don’t often check it out.

Vent Kill, Double Kill and Camping Strategy

One of the quick ways to win as an impostor in this trending game is vent kills and double kills. How to use these two strategies is quite easy.
For a vent kill, you only need to stay in the vent while watching the crewmates. When someone is near the location of your vent, you can just kill him and run away. Meanwhile, in the double kill strategy, you need to coordinate with your impostor friends. You can give a code to walk together and kill two people at once.

However you should learn from Among Us beginner guide, don’t let one of your victims be able to hit the report button before you can kill him. Camping is a popular strategy among reliable importers. This trick can also be a way to kill quickly. Just imagine you managed to kill in the skeld map navigation area. This area is at the end of the map and has only two ways to enter, top and bottom. If your impostor friend guards the bottom of the entryway, you can guard the top. In this way, you have closed access to navigation and all you have to do is kill the player who walks there. After you kill the player, just look for the nearest vent and run away so you don’t get caught!

Hiding in an Unseen Place

One of the most common tricks for playing Among Us is the hiding strategy. With this trick, you can hide in several places so that it is not visible to others. When someone is killed near your hiding place, you can immediately report the body and provide information on who the killer is. This Among Us beginner guide can be used in all maps.

On the Mira HQ map, good hiding places are behind the first shelf of the warehouse and behind the satellite at the bottom of the map.
Whereas on the Polus map, the hiding place is behind a large rock to the top left of the lava. In addition to trapping the Impostor, you can also use this trick to hide so you don’t get killed. As a crewmate, you must be able to memorize the map so that you know what tasks are around the map. Apart from making it easier to find tasks, this one trick can also leak the role of the players. One way to do this trick is to see what tasks the player is doing.

Whether you are a crewmate or impostor, if you understand how to play it well then you can win the game. You can try to practice the Among Us beginner guide summarized above.