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Root checker is an app to check or verify your root access on your android phone. This app is made by joeykrim. Before we continue to download root checker, I will explain about root. Root is a system that can access and execute all files, commands, systems. In essence, this root has unlimited access that can delete, change, add, and even damage everything in our android phone system.

Seems like living in this world, the root process will give 2 impacts, the positive and the negative sides. For example, you can fix the battery backup of your Android Smartphone by a bit upgrading the processor or you can also upgrade the RAM or even ROM performance. It’s gonna be different the phone which is ever rooted and not. Because the majority of the Android smartphone that has been rooted could doing a lot of things than unrooted Android smartphone.

Download Root Checker

You can follow link below to download root checker app. And begin to check or verify your android phone with this app. Check it below:

Download root checker

If you are still confused to use this app to know your android phone’s rooted or not. You can come to this article to learn how to verify root access with root checker. Thanks for coming to my blog and please like or follow my Fans page.

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