How to Track Whatsapp User Location Easily with Your Smartphone

How to Track Whatsapp User Location Easily with Your Smartphone

In this recent era, people use a smart-phone to communicate with others. They use some social media such as Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc. All of those applications are useful to send text, do a call, or even the video call. People like to use Whatsaap instead of other apps because it is simple, has completed features, and require a little space to install. Using Whatsapp, you could even track Whatsapp user location. Well, this must be very helpful when you have to meet your friend but suddenly lost on your way. Anyway, your friend could also send his Whatsapp IP address location to you by texting you. Then, you do not need to track your friend’s location. Yet, if you cannot contact your friend, you need to do it!

How to Track Whatsapp User Location

It is possible to track Whatsapp user location with your phone. Well, you just need to download a certain application. Open your Play Store if your phone is Android, and go your Apple Store if you use iOS. Even if your friend is offline, it is still possible to track his or her location. Then, what application you need to download?

1. FoneTracker. This application becomes number-one people’s favorited Whatsapp location tracker. Most of the people especially parents use this app to spy their children. This application is free. You just need to go to the Play Store or Apple Store, depending on your phone. Search for FoneTracker. Then, download it. Later, your phone will automatically install it. After that, you need to sign in. If you have not had an account, you must create a new one. Fill the data required. Bingo! You can use this app now!

2. The TruthSpy. TruthSpy is another app recommended by all people. This app does not only track the location but might also h4ck all calls, messages, etc. To use this application, you need to install it both on you and your kid’s phone. Remember that you need to hide the application after you install it on your kid’s device so that he does not know he is being stalked.

3. GPS Phone and Locate Any Phone. To track Whatsapp user current location, you might use this app’s help. It is effective to track your child’s location without he knows he is being tracked.

How to Find People’s Location on Whatsapp

To check someones location on Whatsapp, you could use the application mentioned before. However, some application requires much space. If your phone does not have enough space, it is impossible to install it. Then, what should you do? Well, you could use via Command Prompt. Let’s discuss how to use Command Prompt.

1. Open your Whatsapp using your web. Then, let you send a chat to the person whom you are about to track. Wait for his response. After you get some replies, close all application except your web Whatsapp.

2. Then, press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete. It is a must for you to press those three keyboards at the same time. After that, press Win and R to make ‘Run’ task manager appears. Type cmd and click ‘OK’. Type “netstat-an” and Enter. There, you will get an IP address of your friend. Let you write it on your paper so that you will not forget it.

3. Visit page. Let you open your web browser. You might use Chrome or Mozilla. On its site, you need to write the IP address which you have got before. Well, done!

Well, if you do not get some difficulties to track Whatsapp user location, you could simply ask the user to send his location. Therefore, you could open it and use your map to know where the user is.