Karina Hero Guide in Mobile Legends – Build to Increase the Killing Ability

Karina Hero Guide

Is Karina good in mobile legends? For such a question, the answer is certainly “yes”. She is an assassin hero that uses magic damage and cool down recovery as her main ability. If you want to maximize this role, you can follow this Karina hero guide in mobile legends. Thus, you can improve your mastery in using this best assassin. So, let’s have a joy killing any enemies, especially a hero with a low hit point, with this hero.

Recommended Items to Use for Karina Hero guide in Mobile legends

On the battlefield, you need to choose the right choice for a hero you use, includes Karina. So, what are the best items for this hero? Let’s learn this matter on the Karina hero guide in mobile legends below.

1. Calamity Reaper

This item is the first item to buy. It will add the true damage of Karina’s skill. Besides, this item can also reduce the cool down of her skills when she uses them but is unsuccessful to kill the enemy. So, in the early game, this main item should be purchased immediately to help Karina kill any enemies more easily.

2. Arcane Boots

This item ignores a few magic resistance owned by the enemy. This item is suitable to support her ultimate skill that can give high burst damage. Besides, the Arcane Boots can increase Karina’s movement speed. It is useful to help her move fast from lane to another lane.

3. Concentrated Energy

This item is important for Karina to make her recover her hit point by using the skills. Besides, this item can regenerate her hit point after killing one of the enemy heroes. So, it is beneficial to make Karina survive longer to fight more than one hero.

4. Divine Glaive

This item gives high magical penetration to this hero. Although the enemy heroes collect the item to add their magical defense, a few damages from this hero will penetrate their defense.

5. Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal provides very high additional magical damage to Karina mobile legends. With this item, the skills from this hero will deal higher damage to any enemies. When she has had this item, she can be a truly terrible damage dealer for your team.

6. Blood Wings

It adds Karina’s hit point so much. So, this item will make the longer durability of this hero. Besides adding more hit point, Blood Wings also add high magic power for her. It is the last main item to buy. While having this item, Karina can be a perfect killer with long durability.

That is the recommended mobile legends Karina build 2019 for you. If you love to use this assassin, you can follow the items above to buy during the game. Thus, you can get the right items to support her skills and killing ability.

The Most Suitable Emblems for Karina

To support her ability, Karina needs the right emblem. Although she is an assassin, she is also a mage hero. So, use the following emblems that will be appropriate to her role.

1. Custom Mage

In her role, this emblem is the most suitable one for her. It can give additional magic power, magical penetration, cool down reduction, and so on. So, this emblem is perfect for Karina.

2. Common Magic

If the Custom Mage is not available yet, you can still use the Common Magic emblem. This emblem is less in attacking than the Custom Mage, but it provides an extra hit point for Karina.

Considering that to have good mastery in this hero is important, you can learn this Karina hero guide in mobile legends. After that, you can practice more and feel the improvement of your gameplay.

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