The 6 Strongest Heroes of Mobile Legends From The Every Role

Strongest Heroes of Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a game with the genre “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” (MOBA) which is expanding by Mooton. This game is one of the best android game in the world. Mobile Legends is seems like the others MOBA games. Mobile Legends has 6 roles those are Assassin, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support and Tank with its own speciality. If we are discussing about Mobile Legends, we’re gonna debate about who is the strongest hero of Mobile Legends? And here are the answer. Here are the 6 strongest heroes of Mobile Legends from the every role. Guess, which one is the best?


Over this time, Mobile Legends has 54 heroes from the every role that you can play. From the 6 available role, which is the best of the every role?

1. The Strongest Hero TankAkai

Since rework season, Akai chang as the Warrior Panda that using stick as his main weapon. Akai itself is the Tank hero role of Mobile Legends which is not only having a thick enough Health Point. As the hero Tank, Akai also provided a pretty enough skill for killing the enemy. You can also combine 2 Blender skill for giving the physical damage and increasing the enemy’s attack that has been marked. If you use Akai for the hero, you can rely on his jump skill which calles 1 Thousand Pounder skill and hit the enemy for staying away through the ultimate Hurricane Dance skill. It’s have not finished yet dude. Do not to increase your teamwork to kill the enemies hero that has been fall down because of Akai ultimate skill. You can come to the guide of Akai hero completely in here : The Guide of Akai Hero.

2. The Strongest Hero AssassinFanny

Fanny is one of the strongest heroes of mobile legends and fanny being the best hero of Mobile Legends from the Assassin role because of her agility on doing dive tower and avoiding enemies attack. Fanny is also bring up by the kill hero ability in a fast time with the big damage. She is also has the Air Superiority passive skill and 2 Steel Cable skill that you have to worried from the strongest hero from The Assassin. When in the air, you need to watchful the speed of Fanny’s movement. Moreover, if it combine with the 1 Tornado Strike skill and ultimate Cut Throat skill. Unfortunately, for using Fanny you need to doing a lot of exercise. Because, Fanny has a high difficulty level and 3 Steel Cable skill control which is called a bit hard.

3. The Strongest Mage HeroKAGURA

Kagura is the strongest hero of Mobile Legends which is her existence is enough longer in this game. She’s ever getting over nerf, Kagura can stand up again by her several big damages skill. Kagura was popular by RRQ Lemon as the Top Global Player this hero. By using her wonderful umbrella, this Onmyouji Master can be spamming skill to the enemies hero and can doing kill with the short time. The combination skill that Kagura can do are:

1 seimei Umbrella Open skill > 2 Yin Yang Overturn skill > 2 Rasho Umbrella Flee skill > ultimate Yin Yang Overturn skill > 2 Rasho Umbrella Flee skill > 1 Seimei Umbrella Open skill.

4. The Strongest Marksman HeroIrithel

Over this time, Irithel being one and only one hero of Mobile Legends that using his pet which is called Leo. Because of Leo, Irithel can activate his Jungle Heart passive skill that can make him can doing the basic attack while walking. Irithel is a reallt strength hero of Mobile Legends when he is playing late game. So that, you have to hurry up to level up and submit the hold to strenghten this one Marksman hero. You can activate 1 Strafe skill for decreasing the enemies defense. And for the next, for jumping to the enemy side is by using ultimate Heavy Crossbow skill which is following by 2 Force OF The Queen skill. If the enemies Health Point of your enemy is bit remaining, the Irithel can kill them by using basic attack.

5. The Strongest Fighter HeroRoger

Roger being one of special hero and having unique skill then the others heroes of Mobile Legends. How could it be? Because basically Roger is Werewolf that can be change into two mode, that is human and wolf. When in the shape of human, Roger is a Marksman which tough and strong. Moreover, when he is change into wolf mode, Roger can be the Fighter that you have to be alert of his every attacks. Roger is too effective when he is the wolf mode. When the war is opened, Roger can be change through his ultimate Wolf Transformation skill. And if you want to try it, increase the attack speed and movement speed through 2 Bloodhirsty Howl skill and kill the enemy with 1 Lycan Pounce skill. If Roger has been come out this combination skill, it make the heroes of Marksman and Mage get worry.

6. The Strongest Support HeroDiggie

The Diggie hero besides having a cute shape, Diggie has Young Again passive skill that can make him can not be die. The Diggie hero itself is one of strongest heroes of Mobile Legends from support role which really match to be played with Odette and the other. Being a little cute owl as the time controller, Diggie’s skill really help his team in a war. The Diggie hero gonna give the stun effect, slow, immunity and shield even enemies hero or team.

By 1 Time Bomb skill, Diggie can resulting the damage and stun effect aroun the area. It’s depend on when the time bomb is explode. If the enemy get the stun effect, continue it by 2 Reserve Time skill for giving the slow effect dan return the enemy to the first place.

For the last, if you are in a war, activate your ultimate Time Journey skill that can make your team strong to the crowd control attack and also giving the shield while several times. Those are the strongest heroes of Mobile Legends in the every role. Everyone have their own opinion. Or maybe, you think that you have another opinion that there are another hero that can change the strongest heroes of mobile legends above. Hopefully this article could give a lot of beneficial for you the readers and don’t forget read also best guide of mobile legends for beginner.

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