The Best Health Apps to Download for Android and iPhone Users

Everyone must want to live healthier and longer so that they can see their daughters and sons marry and have babies. To be healthy, you must do exercises, eat properly, and have enough sleep. However, for some reason, you might skip one of those routines. As for the solution, you need to have an application to remind you to do those things. There are several best health apps you might download for both iPhone and Android users. These applications are useful to track your lifestyle so that you may reach your goal. Today, we are going to discuss free health apps for smartphone users. Are you interested? Then, let’s check it out for further information below!

Several Kinds of Top Health Apps for You

There are some top health apps that you might like and need most. What are they? Let’s talk about it in the following details!

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal may be the number-one top health apps ever. This app is suitable both for Android and iPhone users. It gains 4.7 stars of iPhone ratings and 4.6 stars of Android rating. This app is free to download on your Play Store or Apple Store with your phone data connection. Anyway, MyFitnessPal is useful to manage your weight, exercises, fitness, or your nutrition needs. Track all you will do by creating a definite goal using this application.

2. My Diet Coach For Weight Loss

Do you feel unconfident about being fat? Then, why don’t you have a diet? Being fat is not a big deal. Yet, once you are grossly fat or overweight, you might be difficult to move and feel tired easily. There are many bad effects of being overweight. That is why you need to have a diet. To help you, you might need to download My Diet Coach. It is one of the best health apps for weight loss. This app gains 4.6 stars of iPhone ratings and 4.4 stars of Android rating. It has complete features such as a food craving button, motivating tips, inspiring quotes, and also reminders to track your weight loss goal. Same as the first choice, it is free to download by you.

3. Drugs. com Medication Guide

Do you feel suddenly sick and it is impossible to visit the doctor because it happens at midnight? Then, what about using Medication Guide? This app might be helpful for you. It might store informative details about the drug information which may cure your sickness so that you might go to the 24-hours drugstore. Also, it might identify pills along with its effect’s use. If you use this app, you may get up to an 80 percent discount on pharmacy prescription. might have a list from A to Z so that you could search for any drug you want. Anyway, this app gains 4.8 stars of iPhone ratings and 4.5 stars of Android rating.

4. Lumosity Daily Brain Games

Being healthy is not only physicals but also the mental. Keep training your brain daily so that you could gain much knowledge and may learn something new. Then, let you download Lumosity: Daily Brain Games. It gains 4.6 stars of iPhone ratings and 4.2 stars of Android rating. This game might be the best health apps for your brain and mental. Improve your critical thinking, sharp memory, and better problem-solving.

5. Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock

Sleep is important for anyone including you to refresh your mind and replenish your body. Therefore, you might have the energy to think and are ready to do your activities. If you do not have enough sleep, you might feel dizzy and hallucinate. Plus, you must feel sleepy so that you cannot focus to do your work. A teenager like you might need to sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours per day. If you cannot manage your sleeping schedule, let you make advantage of Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock. This app is the best health apps for controlling whether or not you have enough sleep. Finally, Sleep Cycle gains 4.7 stars of iPhone ratings and 4.5 stars of Android rating.

6. First Aid American Red Cross

Even though you are careful enough, others might not. Therefore, an accident might happen anywhere and anytime. Well, you need to be ready about it. Then, what about downloading our best health apps, First Aid American Red Cross? It is useful when you get or see the accident. It features guides, video, step-by-step instructions you need to do when you face the accident. Moreover, it is directly integrated with 911 so they must be ready to offer help to you. By the way, this sixth app gains 4.4 stars of iPhone ratings and 4.5 stars of Android rating.

7. ShopWell Better Food Choices

When it comes to eat, obviously, we will buy what we want without thinking whether or not it is healthy. Now, let you change this bad habit. Do not buy fast food or junk food even though it does taste delicious. Let you start to cook for yourself. Buy some vegetables at the supermarket. Well, even they are vegetables, they might not be good for you if you have allergies or somewhat similar. Use ShopWell Better Food Choices to know the info of your vegetables taken by scanning the label on it. These best health apps might help you to give details about health concerns, allergies, dietary goals, and even nutrition scores. ShopWell Better gains 4.7 stars of iPhone ratings and 3.6 stars of Android rating.

8. Clue

The Clue might be the best mental health apps for women since it is designed especially for them to track their period. Let you learn how a period might affect your mood as well as your lifestyles such as your sleep, mental health, and physical health. You will know whether you are feeling sad, happy, comfy, uncomfy, sensitive, or PMS at that time. Learn your body as well as it is possible.

There are still many kinds of the best health apps which have not been mentioned above. However, those eight must be the best ones which people like you need.