iPhone 11 Review – Recognizing the Specs Before Buying

iPhone 11 Review

September 2019 can be the time you are waiting for as the iPhone lovers. In that month, a new phone will come with its new specs. As iPhone lovers, you can be so curious about it, right? therefore, you can see the iPhone 11 Review that will be explained below. This explanation can be a way to fulfill your need when you are not satisfied seeing the iPhone 11 review Youtube. So, let’s check it out.

Pro Argument about the Apple iPhone 11 Review

During its release, there are some pro arguments that come from some people who know its specs. Here they are.

1. Fantastic camera

There is a fantastic feature that comes from this phone. Yes, it is a great camera on this iPhone 11. It has an ultra-wide camera that can present an amazing shot for any spot you want to capture. It can also produce very sharp and clear pictures.

2. Great Processor

When some people consider the Apple iPhone 11 Review, they certainly need to know its processor. With A13 Bionic, it can make this iPhone 11 have the fastest chip that can please the users.

3. Better battery life

For you who often meet the bad battery power of your old phone, now you can solve it by having the iPhone 11. Its power offers a longer rated life while being used. So, don’t be afraid to get a fast battery lost with this phone.

4. Up-to-date display

The forth good side of this phone is related to its display. It comes with a new night mode that presents a more excellent look.

Against Argument for this iPhone 11 Review

When there is a new product, there will be pro and against an argument for it. After seeing the pro argument above, now, let’s see the against one by following the explanation below.

1. No fast charger

When you decide to buy this phone, you will not get a service of a fast charger. It can happen since this phone does not include a fast charger feature.

2. Only having 64GB storage

This phone only has 64GB of storage and does not have other kinds of larger storage.

3. Slower LTE than 11 pro

If you compare its LTE with the iPhone 11 pro, it is slower. Its LTE cannot work as fast as the iPhone 11 pro does.

It is just a short review of this phone. If you want to know more about this phone, have a good look at the explanation below. Here, you can see its specs seen from several features of this phone. Here we go.

iPhone Eleven Seen from Its Specs

iPhone 11 Review

Without knowing its specs, it is difficult for you to decide whether this phone is suitable for you or not. So, have a good look at the main specs of this iPhone 11 below.

1. Display

For the display, it can produce 16M colors. it can happen since this phone is completed with Liquid Retina IPS LCD for the touchscreen. Then, the resolution of this phone’s display is 828×1792. This phone has a wide display to use since it comes with 6.1 inches.

2. Camera

Nowadays, the camera becomes one of the main features that is needed so much by the users. Its good quality will be the great satisfaction to the owner. Well, based on the Apple iPhone 11 Review, this phone has two cameras. They are the main or rear camera and also the selfie or front camera. For the main camera, it contains a dual camera with 12 MP. While the selfie camera, it also has a dual camera with 12MP. The quality of both cameras is almost the same. However, the main camera has a flash that the selfie camera does not.

3. RAM and Storage

To support the best performance of the phone, it should have high RAM and big storage. This phone is sufficient to perform well since it comes with 4GB RAM. It is categorized as the big RAM when it comes to this era. Then, for the storage, it has a wide one that can save so much data in it. The storage is 64GB.

4. Battery

What another spec is usually asked by the customer for iPhone 11 Review before buying? Yes, it is the battery. Why can it be so important? A battery is a crucial feature to know since it can reflect how long your phone can stay alive. The higher it’s capacity, the longer your phone will stay on. For this iPhone 11, it is completed with a 3110 mAh battery. It is so sufficient to support your activity using a phone during the day. Its life can reach 11 hours 16 minutes with internet data on. So, don’t hesitate to often use it.

Well, that is all about the iPhone 11 Review to share with you. After you know the short review of this phone above, you can certainly decide whether it is suitable for you or not. If all of its specs can fulfill your needs, just go to your nearest store and bring it home.