Best iPhone Games in 2019 – All Updated, Cool Games for iPhone Users


Everyone has known Apple Inc due to its cool device like the iPhone. People love the iPhone smartphone because it is useful for them. It can be for a communication tool. You might connect to others by having a phone call, video call, or sending a short message. It is also helpful for an entertainment need. You might play games both offline and online. Talking about the games, today, we are about to discuss the best iPhone games in 2019. Since there are two kinds of game, those are offline and online games. So here we are going to talk about the best iPhone games 2019 offline and online for iPhone users only. Well, let’s check it out for further information on these following details!

Top iPhone Games in 2019 to Play

There are about 15 top iPhone games in 2019 to play by you who possess the iPhone smartphone. What are they? Let’s check them out below!

1. into the Dead 2

Best iPhone Games in 2019

As its first game generation is successful, there is Into the Dead 2 which might be even more fun than the first game. This game might be one of the top iPhone games in 2019. You will play a character named James who needs to struggling from zombie attack to be back to his wife and child. You need to move him and run. Also, you might kill and shoot zombies with your gun. You will be armed with a walkie-talkie for communication, too. This game might be lovely since it features outstanding visual and sound. Plus, it has a narrative story which is very useful as a guide for a newbie to play the game for the first time. Get this game for free by downloading it from your Apple store.

2. Alto’s Odyessy

Best iPhone Games in 2019

This iPhone game plays a character named Alto, his job is a herder, to climb a mountain in extreme, dramatical weather. You will be armed with a snowboard which will be very useful to pass the snowy mountain terrains. This game requires a locked character challenge. If you are successful to unlock it, you might get stronger. You might get a Zen mode which allows you to jump high without losing points from crashing. The relaxing music, the beautiful art, and the challenging obstacle might make this game interesting to play. To get this game, you might use your Apple store balance. Well, it is just $5.

3. Oceanhorn

Best iPhone Games in 2019

Talking about best iPhone games in 2019, people might think about Oceanhorn. This game is very popular. You need to pay for $8 to get it. This game is a kind of adventure RPG. You need to have an MFi game controller to play it. Even though it is a game for a phone, it feels like you are playing it with your PC. The challenging puzzles completed by an interesting combat style and colorful graphics might make this game fun to play.

4. Witcheye

This iPhone game is kind of a classic game with roaring monsters try to kill you. Yet, instead of running away, you might attack the monsters by using the flying eyeball. However, you need to control the eyeball to be used to hit the monsters accurately. Use a swipe to do it. Tap the screen to dart them. The flying eyeball is the witch eye that tries to find a knight who stole her stash. Finally, you need to pay for $2.99 to download and install the Witcheye to your phone.

5. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush is one of the best iPhone games in 2019 for defense games. This game is the latest updated defense games’ entry. To play with, you need to build a tower first as strong as it is. You must do it quicker than your opponent. If you are slower, of course, you will lose the game. You and your opponent may destroy each other’s tower. Well, this game is like a hero battle. Buy this game for $4.99 to play it soon.

6. Donut Country

Playing Donut Country, you must remember about Kamatari Damacy. Yep, this game is pretty similar to it. Yet, as the recommended, good iPhone games in 2019, Donut Country is one step further than Kamatari Damacy. This game has an interesting story. It tells about raccoons that are obsessed with collecting garbage. When you, a raccoon, visit Donut Country, you may get items which might be useful for you. Anyway, if you want to play this game, you need to pay for $5.

7. Euclidean Skies

Sometimes, you feel like you want to play a challenging game where a big monster or dinosaur chases you. Well, if that so, let you download Euclidean Skies. To be free, you need to use your smart brain to change your pathway or switch the doors. This game is indeed kind of difficult to play. However, you might be able to get great rewarding while playing this game. To get Euclidean Skies, you need to pay for $4.99 with your Apple store balance.

8. Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn might also be one of the best iPhone games in 2019. Many people even recommend it. This game is like the real Zelda game where you will have the adventure to cross the ocean, visit an unknown island, etc. Since this game is an RPG, you must have an MFi game controller. Without an MFi game controller, it is hard to control the button. For your additional information, Oceanhorn is a kind of universal game. You, then, might play this game with your Apple TV. Pay for $8 to get this interesting RPG game.

9. Game of Thrones

Most of the people including you must have already known Game of Thrones, right? Yep, in this game, you will be the king or the queen in a fictional kingdom. You are cursed to leave your kingdom but try to find a way to get back. You will find, gather, and have an interaction with the army, people, and church so that they might help and support you. Game of Thrones will be interesting to play because you will be cooperative with other players. To get this game, you must pay for $3.99.

10. The Machines

As one of the best iPhone games in 2019, you must try to play The Machines. Well, even though it is for men, it does not mean that girls cannot play it. The Machines become the AR games where you might use your iPhone’s back camera to transform any surface becomes a war zone. With 3D space, it becomes interesting. Let you shoot your enemy and reach the highest level. Anyway, this game is not free; you need to pay for $5 to play The Machine.

11. Holedown

Bored with adventure or RPG game, why don’t you play Holedown. This game is kind of simple but addictive arcade puzzle. Both men and women may play it. Well, if you think it is easy to play Holedown just because it is a puzzle game, you are wrong. To shot balls and break blocks, you will be given number of shots. However, it is limited. Therefore, you need a strategy to play this game. If you are successful in breaking blocks, you will receive gifts such as crystals as the ultimate items to help you to play the game.

12. Sayonara Wildhearts

In the game, most of the heroes are men, right? Well, in Sayonara Wildhearts, you will play as female heroin. This kind of good iPhone games in 2019 is interesting enough because you will ride a motorcycle and have a battle with others with it. The bright color of arts, catchy upbeat and quirky music might make this game even more dramatical.

There are many other best games for iPhone users such as Card of Darkness, Apple Arcade, Battleheart 2, Old Man’s Journey, etc. You may look for detailed information about it in our next article!

Well, even though there are many best iPhone games in 2019, you may not play them all. That is because most of them are paid games. Thus, if you do not have sufficient Apple Store’s balance, you cannot buy and install the game. In the end, you might also look for the best iPhone games 2019 free.